Monday, 25 July 2011

"I fell in love with being defiant": Music that is Good for Your Soul

I love music. Pure and simple. I also like to think that I have pretty decent taste in music, and while I realize that not everthing I suggest or listen to will be everyones cup of tea, I decided to share my summer playlist with the interweb. These songs always put in me in a good mood and bring a smile to my face. There is just something about what happens when I listen to them. I have songs for everything, songs that remind me certain people or events, or places, or things. Half the time I am playing a soundtrack to my life in my head as I go about my day. Songs help bring back memories, and help me make new ones. I love putting mixes together and seeing how they come out. I gravitate towards songs for different reasons. It could be because of a sweet bass line that I can't get enough of, or a certain line of lyrics, or a guitar riff. I love just listening to the subtleties of a song, and marveling at how it was put together. I get happy (an emotion of which has been lacking in my life as of late) and I want to sing along and dance. So, without further adieu, here is my summer playlist that you should listen to becuase it's good for your soul:

You and Me: Beggars
Something in Common: Free Energy
Noche Nada: Givers
Yer Spring: Hey Rosetta!
We Mapped the World: Joy Williams
Alive: The Midway State
Mexican Mavis: Boy & Bear
Her Morning Elegance: Oren Lavie

Sweet Child o' Mine: Taken By Trees
Two Weeks: Grizzly Bear
Moth's Wings: Passion Pit
Love Is All: The Tallest Man on Earth
Cathedrals: Jump Little Children
Say a Lot: Buddy
Everythings Okay: Lenka
Lloyd, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken: Camera Obscura
Drowning Man (Tudor Court Version): Fanfarlo
Mission Bells: Armistice

Listen: Shaad & Dallas Green
Go Do: Jonsi
Merry Happy: Kate Nash
Three More Days: Ray LaMontagne
Helplessness Blues: Fleet Foxes
Love Is Endless: MoZella
Set Fire to the Rain: Adele
Addicted to Love: Florence + The Machine
Summer Angel: Minus the Bear
Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall: Coldplay

Say Hey (I Love You): Michael Franti & Spearhead (Feat. Cherine Anderson)
We Turn It Up: Oh Land
Dangerous: Peter Katz
Duet for Emmylou and the Grievous Angel: Rah Rah
Momentum: The Hush Sound
Getcha Good: Jenn Grant
Little Lie: Lindi Ortega
My Body: Young the Giant
99 Problems: Hugo
Cuckoo: Lissie

Pull Your Train: Mark Watrous
Something for You: Hannah Georgas
Buildings & Mountains: The Republic Tigers
If You Were for Me: Rose Cousins
Falling or Flying: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
Stay Young, Go Dancing: Death Cab for Cutie
Emerald Lake, AB: Said the Whale
Tornado '87: The Rural Alberta Advantage
I Miss You: Foster the People

Seriously, you should take my advice and take a little listen to all of these songs. I can tell you with utmost certainty that you will enjoy every single one. All songs can be found on itunes for your audio pleasure.



  1. Lovely Leah! ha ha I figured when I saw this that you'd have a song or two to recommend, didn't THINK or shall I say SHOULD HAVE KNOWN you'd have an abundance - a library! SWEET.

  2. Oh! I'm so glad you liked it! All the songs are wonderful! I hope you find some that you can fall in love with!