Thursday, 21 July 2011

Why Facebook is Like Recess for Older People

Remember the days of elementary school and recess? The days of creating childhood alliances, crushes, gossip, bullying and Red Rover? I remember those days and sometimes I think about how awesome it would be to go back in time and have recess all over again. I was thinking about this not to long ago, and then I had the epiphany that I never lost recess. It's still around, just different. This led me to the conclusion that Facebook is just like recess only for older people.

If you think about it, there are tons of comparisons between them. Instead of the childhood judgement of our friends, enemies, and frenemies in the sandbox, we now judge via facebook photos, information provided, and who other people are friends with. We still get to pick and choose our friends, but now it's over the interweb and not face to face. Instead of being a little jerk on the playground and telling a friend we no longer want to be friends with them, we delete them from our friends list, and more often than not they are none wiser. Instead of picking on your crush in the playground, people creep facebook to get as much information about the person they are interested in as they can. Flirting still happens, but instead of a boy bringing you a bouquet of dandilions to say that he likes you and wants to be your boyfriend, he sends you a Facebook message and requests a relationship status update. Alliances are both forged and broken in the sandbox and on Facebook.

Facebook is also like recess in that it is a chance to take a break. A chance to play a game or pass a note. I can't count the number of times a day I check my Facebook to see if anyone has messaged me or commented on a picture, thus taking my attention away from the work sitting on my desk or the assignment from school. It's a chance for people who are starting their foray into adulthood to play again. Instead of the actual physical activity of playing tag, we now tag our friends in pictures, posts, notes, and videos. The gossip and rumors that were rampant on the playground are now perpetuated through pictures and wall posts. The popular kids still exist, but instead of being surrounded by friends at the monkey-bars, they have hundreds of friends and thousands of pictures, and are still seen as popular.

All of this makes me think that we never really leave our childhood or recess behind. That in reality we just get bigger and our playground gets more sophisticated.

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  1. Ah, I just wrote almost a blog as a post but lost it all! Hate when that happens.. that is like memories of recess as a kid. I was bullied, wore all the wrong clothes, watched all the cute girl sidle up to the sweet shy guy while I slunk past trying to look shorter! Loved the marbles, jacks and indian rubber ball though:-) Thx for the memories... now that we've grown up facebook seems a more comforting friendly place to be - although at times I ask myself if there's possibly a construct out there that leaves us less feeling like we're grazers,,, just hurriedly skimming off what velcros onto our emotional or cerebral antenna spaces that feeds us for a moment til something else grabs our attention. I guess even recessers had a choice.. they could sit on the grass and enjoy a game, or run themselves ragged making the social hunting rounds!