Monday, 15 August 2011

I am NOT a 1967 Cherry Red Mustang Convertible

Dear Micro-pigmentation Artist,

As you have witnessed with your own two eyes, my right boob is highly unusual. This is due to the fact that 2 years ago I had a ten and a half hour surgery in which they COMPLETELY REMOVED my ENTIRE right breast. As a result, I no longer have a regular nipple. They built me a new one out of skin from my back. In my opinion this was both an epic piece of engineering, and a work of art. Now, I have been coming to see you to tattoo me with some color, on said nipple, and I would like you to keep in mind at our appointment tomorrow that I am NOT a 1967 Cherry Red Mustang Convertible. It would be much appreciated if you remember this and fix the color that you have already applied to my skin. I will be very disappointed if this advice goes unheeded, and would hate to ruin your reputation by complaining to my plastic surgeon, who is the highly skilled architect behind said skin creation. Just saying.


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