Sunday, 18 September 2011

All People Will Be Able to Think About Is Whitney Houston and How She is a Drug Addict

I always feel really bad for people who come over for dinner. The conversations never make much sense, and the topics are changed rather rapidly. Usually my dad ends up throwing his hands up in the air because we are ignoring whatever he is saying to focus on some ridiculous thing my mum has said, which then facilitates a brand new topic. Dinner tonight was no exception. Between being told that I needed to go into broadcasting instead of law, and the Albanian sex trade, my sister announced that she wanted to get a tattoo. My mum wasn't too thrilled. Basically, we know we like something, or that something is a good idea, if my mum doesn't like it. So my sister announces she wants a tattoo, and my mum asks her what she wants. She wants the words "Always Love" in handwriting on her foot. It's out of the way, discrete and has a good message. My mum was horrified. She just couldn't understand why. This is the conversation that followed (my dad and I sat there, and laughed):

Carly: I want to get a tattoo that says "Always Love" in handwriting on my foot.

Mum: Why? That's a really dumb idea.

Carly: It's lyrics from my favourite song and I think it has a good message.

Mum: Why not just 'Love'? That would be better. I wouldn't understand what your tattoo meant, and what's the point if I don't understand it. That doesn't mean anything.

Carly: I like it.

Mum: It's dumb. When people see it all they will think about is that Whitney Houston song "I Will Always Love You" and about how she is a drug addict.

Carly: Uh...

My sister then proceeded to play the song for my mum, and throughout listening to it, all my mum did was sing "I Will Always Love You" under her breath. These are the little gems that come from my mum. They are always unexpected, and usually hilarious. Oh family...


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