Sunday, 11 September 2011

Look! I Know Geography!

Dear Blogger,

I recently discovered that you can check the stats of your blog. I think this is super neat, as it allows me to congratulate myself at being awesome. I love the fact that my blog has reached the outer corners of the globe, also known as Russia and Romania (and yes, I do know that they are not the same place). I think it's swell that you also tell me how many people are reading my blog. Again, it allows me to continue thinking that people think I am witty and funny, and basically amazing (Yes, I am THE most modest person ever). The little map you provide to show me where in the world people are reading from is wonderful, but I have noticed one, itsy, bitsy, teensy weensy discrepancy. You forgot to add Hawaii. You show Alaska as being part of the U.S., and you show tiny islands in the South Pacific, yet you have somehow forgotten about Hawaii. Just because it is made up of tiny islands, and doesn't have the same land mass as other places doesn't mean it should be forgotten! It did, after all, become part of the U.S. in 1959, played a key role in WWII, and has a proud and diverse culture! As someone who quite often vacations in Hawaii, and if it was possible, would move there in an instant (despite my sun allergy and general dislike of's the herpes of nature just like how glitter is the herpes of the craft just can't get rid of it!), I think this is a gross oversight on your part. I suggest you look at redesigning your map, so as to include these wonderful islands. Normally I wouldn't say anything, mostly because geography isn't one of my strengths, and especially considering my knowledge of Canadian geography is sketchy at best, which makes my knowledge of American geography basically nil (but I am a wiz with maps of England, and I do know that the state capital of Idaho is Boise, mostly because the name makes me laugh and because it sounds like a cartoon sound), but I will say this. I know that Hawaii is in fact there, and I know that it should not be forgotten! And while I realize that it is part of the United States and therefore it can be logically assumed that people from Hawaii may read my blog and that those views are counted in the totals from the U.S. as a whole, I would still like to see it included. Not only because it would be a better, and more accurate representation of a world map (I am all about accuracy), and something nice for Hawaiians, but also to add to my slightly inflated ego. Just saying.


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