Monday, 12 September 2011

Muesday: That Book Was Accidentally Destroyed Maliciously

I wish I could to do that to my LSAT books...

I pray for the day where the hellish, living nightmare that is my life ends, also known as October 1. I have also come to the (perhaps premature conclusion) that I may need to edit my list of law schools, mostly due to the fact that each application is rather involved and keeping track of application deadlines is proving to be far more challenging (at least in my current state) than it should be...8 schools isn't too much? At least 3 of them are in England, so they kind of are different? Right? Just let me have it...let me delude myself a little longer. Because of my current state I am actually living my life through formal logic equations:

If I study --> I will do well on the LSAT
If I do well on the LSAT --> I get into law school
If I get into law school --> I won't live like a vagrant in a cardboard box or my parents basement for the rest of my life


Of course, this all hinges on the crux of:

If I sleep --> I won't become a walking shell of myself...oh wait, I think that's already happened...

Someone needs to save me from myself.

Also, I loathe Canada Post. Give me my books dammit!

Anyway, enough nonsense...and now for something completely different!

(10 gold stars and a unicorn covered in chocolate and diamonds to whoever can tell me where both of the references in this post came from!)

Today's song was given to me by a good friend of mine. We are good school chums (but not the kind that is used for baiting sharks), and he is my favorite bearded, ex-bohemian/hippy, although I do agree with the no socks thing...socks are just so confining. He is also one of my favorite Norwegian speaking anthropologists who, for the better part of our undergraduate career put up with my constant sneers at his choice in major and the fact that I always jingle in class (I have since learned to remove my Tiffany Charm bracelet before I start taking notes). He always has excellent taste in hipster hangouts, where we often enjoy our mutual love of legal addictive stimulants. For the past little bit we have been engaged in a music sharing type of war (but not quite, as there is no clear winner, and neither of us have dreams to take over least not yet) on Facebook, where we share and try to one up each other with excellent music finds. I was completely unaware of this band until he shared them with me, and I can honestly say that their album has been on repeat ever since. So gold star for you friend! Enjoy this little ditty by The Head and the Heart called Lost in My Mind.

Happy Muesday everyone!



  1. And now for something completely different! --> comes from Monty Python.
    You can keep the rest, I just want the diamonds. ...ok I'll take the chocolate too. ;)

  2. Kait, for that you only get 5 gold stars and the chocolate! you need the second reference for the whole kit and caboodle...also, who came up with the phrase kit and caboodle, and why does it sound like something a 104 year old would say? also, why do i like the word caboodle?

  3. Good song choice Leah!
    Also I feel your grad school pain! I missed so many deadlines and I was so careful. Whatevs.
    Also... save me from myself? Wasn't that a song?