Monday, 19 September 2011

Muesday: Wearing Ugg Boots with Short Shorts Is Trashy, Not To Mention Ridiculous

Remember that time I blogged about how leggings are not an acceptable substitute for pants? Remember how I said it was a hideous trend that was a blight on the world of fashion? Well, I have another irritation to add to my list. People who wear Ugg boots with shorts and/or mini skirts. When and where did this become popular (I am going to say somewhere in California, probably in the LA vicinity, further proving that LA is questionable at best), and more importantly, why did it become popular?! If it's +30 degrees out and you are wearing a tank top and short shorts, what on earth would possess you to wear suede fleece lined boots? Seriously! While Ugg boots are probably the most wonderful thing in the world when it's minus a million degrees and there are about 8 feet of snow on the ground, in Dante's forgotten frozen circle of hell, also known as Alberta, you should not ever wear them in the summer. A common sight at the University is this horrible trend. The first week of school we had gorgeous weather, and by gorgeous weather, I mean, it was warm enough that I didn't need to wear a sweater. I am normally freezing, and if I don't need to wear a sweater, that means it's hot. There were so many girls walking around campus in the tiniest shorts, and itty tank tops, and then you look at their feet, and they are wearing Ugg boots. Just so unfortunate on so many levels. First off, if I can see your ass cheeks hanging out of your shorts, they are probably too short. Also, put your boobs away, you're in a learning environment and I can almost guarantee that having the girls hang out won't improve your grade, and lastly, you look ridiculous for mixing clothing from two completely different seasons. They are a winter boot. They are there to make sure that you don't get frostbite, which could then lead to gangrene and then your toes will have to be amputated and you will walk funny because you will be off balance (picture girls who don't know how to walk in heels...unsightly). Not to mention, such a fashion trend makes your thighs look fat. I don't care how skinny you are. It's just ugly, and I can guarantee that people are judging you, because I most certainly am, and wondering what the hell your problem is. So please, put your Ugg boots away until it snows. Also, just one more word of advice. Don't wear slippers as shoes. Those slipper booties you can buy from places like La Senza or Pink? Ya, they look like slippers and you're not fooling anyone. Instead why don't you go out and buy real shoes, and stop pretending to be a vagrant. I don't care if you're 15 and you think you look cool, you don't. Buy some real shoes. Heck, I will buy you a pair of real shoes if it means that you will stop wearing slipper booties as shoes. I own a pair of slipper booties. They are from New Zealand, and are quite possibly my most favorite thing in the world, however, you will NEVER see me try to wear them as legit shoes. There is a line, and that line should never be crossed. Stay classy people, stay classy.

I have come to the realization that it is incredibly difficult to chose what song I want to share. Instead of trying to fix it, I am going to pout, mostly because I have been doing quite a substantial amount of pouting lately, and because I just want it to be easy. Why can't life just be easy!? That would be awesome. Wait. I just had a thought. I have chosen the song! Gold star to me! I've been listening to quite a few Canadian artists lately, and I can honestly say that there are some seriously talented artists and groups that come out of Canada, who deserve to get way more recognition than they do. Canada's music scene, something of which I have never given that much thought to before, is so varied. You will be hard pressed to find the exact same sounds coming out of Vancouver, Toronto, or Atlantic Canada. It's all so different, and so wonderful. The singer/songwriters out of places like Nova Scotia, are awesome, the indie sounds from Vancouver feature prominently on my ipod, and the rockish feel that I get from bands out of Toronto always put me in a dancey mood. Today, I am going to share Dan Mangan's Road Regrets. It's one of my favourite songs by him, and I am super excited about his new album out September 27. I highly suggest everyone take a listen to his music.


P.S. 35 days until Coldplay! Get excited or I will cut you...and I don't make idle threats.


  1. "Dante's forgotten frozen circle of hell, also known as Alberta" This is my favorite phrase of all time! You're awesome Leah!

    PS. Good song choice! I love Dan Mangan

  2. Haha, Thanks Miranda! I'm glad someone enjoys my little witticisms!