Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I Think Someone Needs to Invent a Vaccine for 'Bieber Fever'

Let me set the record straight.

Just because Justin Bieber is Canadian, and because I'm Canadian, doesn't mean that I like him. In fact, I kind of actually loathe Justin Bieber...well, just his music, not him as a person because I have never met him. Sure he has a good story, growing up poor and getting discovered on YouTube by Usher, but let's be serious. He will perpetually be 12 and every time I look at him I want to take a pair of scissors to his hair. I don't understand why people love his music. I find it annoying, because it has that irritating tendency of getting stuck in your head and then all you can sing for days is "baby, baby, baby, oh...". Seriously. Someone needs to invent a vaccine for 'Bieber Fever'. Like what is it about him that makes him so special? Is he a Nobel Peace Prize winner? Did he invent an alternative to cold fusion? As far as I can tell, the only ability that he has, other than being semi-musically gifted, is that teenage girls practically throw themselves at him (I am a firm believer that he accomplishes this by sewing magnets into his clothes...think about it! It totally makes sense). I just don't get it! Also, he has an autobiography. He can't even shave yet, and he has a biography about how he makes grilled cheese and once got a bad haircut. Don't even get me started on his movie. What happened to artists doing movies full of cinematic integrity and quality, like Spice World (I am being sarcastic, but at least Spice World was entertaining). I honestly think that people need to chill out on this whole Justin Bieber thing. Plus, he wrecks everything. One of my favorite bands did a cover of his 'Baby' song. I died a little inside when I heard it....I will continue to dislike Justin Bieber...FOREVER!


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