Monday, 10 October 2011

Muesday: "It Looks Like A Pterodactyl Out of a Gay Jurassic Park". I Love Tim Gunn

I have a new(ish) obsession. Project Runway. I have always loved it, but never religiously watched it...until now. Thanks to the magic of the interweb, I have discovered that I can watch every single episode of Project Runway ever made, including Project Runway Australia if I so desire. This is amazing! I honestly don't know what I did for entertainment before I figured out that I could watch things online! I no longer have to wait to hear the wonderful words of wit and wisdom of Tim Gunn, but I can watch them whenever I feel like it! This is magic! However, I must admit, my new obsession is probably not a good thing, because I find myself pulled away from reading about the persecution of minority groups in the 12th century, or Lepers, or the transformation of the European state system in the 18th and 19th centuries, and pulled towards my new(ish) love of Project Runway, and "make it work" moments (I also love to see what some designers consider to be fashion...taste isn't something you can buy people!). It fuels my love for bad television! Don't judge me, because I just can't help myself. Where else can you hear such memorable quotes as, "It looks like a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park" (Tim Gunn, Season 5, Good Queen Fun)? No where. Watching this shows makes me love fashion more. It also makes me wish I wasn't such a failure at life, and that I could sew. Through watching Project Runway, I have realized that if I knew how to sew, I could save myself hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of dollars a year in what I spend on clothes (but at least I look good). The alternative is not shopping, which is not something I am prepared to do just yet. Anyway, if you haven't watched the amazingness that is Project Runway, you need to.

And now, here is your Muesday music! Hey Rosetta! is probably one of my FAVOURITE bands, and their newest album, is by far their best yet. They have that wonderful rock-ish vibe that I love so much. Also, they are one of the good things to come out of Newfoundland, other than cod, and wood (at least those were hot commodities in the 17th and 18th centuries), and they are keeping with my sharing great Canadian music theme. Today, I give you the title track off their newest album Seeds. Enjoy!

Happy Muesday!


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