Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Muesday: Why Do I Insist on Making a Fool of Myself?

...I think it's because I am actually a pretty awkward person, who often says things aloud that should really remain as internal dialogue. Case in point, Dr. Gow (a very respected and incredibly intelligent Medieval historian) shows up to class today with his motorcycle helmet and jacket. He greets everyone, who in various forms or another greet him back. My response: "Motorcycle! That's kind of badass!". I said it out loud. I thought that I was saying in my head. I should also probably mention that this is not one of those huge lecture classes. No, there are 10 people in the class. They all laughed at me. I mean really, it only makes him that much cooler in my eyes, but still, probably not the best salutation for someone who is going to be marking my term paper in a little over a month. Also, he gave me a funny look which I interpreted as meaning "I find you incredibly odd and slightly amusing, so I will tolerate your inane and often insane sounding comments. I will also do this because I am unsure as to how to respond to you". I confuse people. I get it. It just happens. I seem pretty normal on the surface, but then you get to know the REAL me, and seriously, I am a weirdo. I have no problem admitting that. Another case in point, yesterday I did a promotional type thing for the ACF for this super kickass fundraiser for breast health that will be in March (March 24th, kick it old school and Bust A Move...more to come on that), and instead of sticking to the script and being normal, I went gangsta. I was really just following one of my many mottos that when in doubt, go gangsta. Not even joking about this. Picture a very tiny white girl, breaking it down and quoting Run DMC and pretending she was living the thug life. Yes, I went there. I couldn't help it. I am surprised the ACF still wants to work with me on stuff because I was pretty ridiculous yesterday. Good thing Brooke and Sean haven't been scared off yet! They might regret befriending me...but that remains to be seen.

So, because I am feeling extra gansta as of late (apparently, and generally without me realizing it's happening), I am going to share with everyone an INCREDIBLE duet. Two great Canadian artists coming together in a marriage of musical worlds to produce sweet poetry! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you here, Listen, by Shaad & Dallas Green.

The two song album is amazing, and I highly recommend that everyone who has a shred of musical taste, go to iTunes and buy it. And GO!


P.S. Sorry this is a late post, but I was reading for a paper due Thursday that I have yet to start, which is also probably why I am a little crazier than normal tonight.

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