Monday, 24 October 2011

Proof That People ACTUALLY Listen To Me!

Oh. My. Goodness!

Right now, I am going to congratulate myself on a job well done! Gold star me!

Because I like to add to my already inflated ego and sense of self, I have an obsession with checking my blog stats. I was looking to see which little nuggets of my wit and wisdom were read by the masses today, when I came across this: "spirit hoods are stupid".

I am not making this up! Someone typed that shit into google, and got my blog. Please please please, whoever searched for that, can we be friends?! I am absolutely ecstatic that there are other people in this world who see the pointless douchebaggery that are spirithoods. Again, if you wear spirithoods, you look like an asshat! The simple fact that someone legit typed in "spirit hoods are stupid" brings me more joy than a combination of a unicorn covered in chocolate and diamonds, Glee, watching Deena from the Jersey Shore fall, a Teen Mom marathon, and dare I say, a killer sale at Anthropologie! That is how amazing this is to me! I actually think I cried a little from all the joy! It's like a celestial light came down from heaven and a choir of a bajillion tiny baby angels started to sing and affirm that I have been right all along! What a joyous day!

Thank you to whomever typed that into google and then read my blog! I'm serious about being friends. I'm pretty sure that if you hate spirithoods, and I hate spirithoods, that we would get along swimmingly!


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