Friday, 18 November 2011

The Big Book of Douchebaggery

Um, so I fully realize that I already posted once today, but it's been one of those days where I am stuck inside with mountain of books and a To Do list that is taller than I am, which inevitably means that I am procrastinating. I was just settling down to read about the oh so uplifting topic of child abandonment and poor children in 18th century England, when I stumbled on this:

What. The. Hell?! These CarLashes have got to be the dumbest thing since SpiritHoods. Who in their right mind would get them?! They look ridiculous! Sometimes I actually have to sit back and consider what this world is coming to. I mean, last time I checked there was some kind of economic crisis going on, and pretty sure people would rather eat than spend money on putting eyelashes on their car, with crystal eyeliner to match. This is not whimsical. This is not adorable. This is not flirty. This is stupid. Sheer stupidity. Seriously! If I saw these driving around, I would seriously have to question whether the person who bought them was, A) sane, B) Drunk, C) Both, when they decided that it was a good life choice to waste their money on them. These are being added to my Big Book of Douchebaggery as we speak, under Useless Crap No One Will Ever Want or Need! It joins the pink quilted smart car cover. Can you image what kind of unholy demon would result in the marriage of that car cover and these stupid car lashes?! It gives me shivers just thinking about it.


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