Monday, 14 November 2011

It's Happening. Dammit!

It's happening. No, not the Rapture. Snow. This makes me sad.

It took forever to get home. The roads are terrible. Also, I have come to the conclusion that people, in general are assholes. Don't tailgate on icy roads asshat! It's a bad life choice that will end up with you needing a new car.

Also, I love how the worst roads are the ones in Sherwood Park. Good job Strathcona County for being on the ball and getting those sanding truck out. Not. You all fail at life.

I'm going to pout about this.



  1. Amen! I actually left school at 12 today so I managed to avoid it! But oh do I dread tomorrow... How many months til spring?

  2. OK darling lady... enough with the "power words" sheeshhhhh... you do get the most mileage with toxic tankers, don't you!!! LOL You've got a Mt. Everest of sarcasms in there... come one now... dump it out and let's get some of your more refined intelligencia garnishes on the table... can you do one post without any put-downs of probably pretty regular people who make mistakes like we all do... or if you can dig up some of the ample wittiness and language smarts you have in there... I challenge you! Besides... it's NOT that bad!!!! hugs