Thursday, 8 December 2011

I'm Finished, and I Want Cake

Guess who can now taste sweet sweet freedom?! Oh wait, that would be me. As of 2 am today (which is right this very moment) I finished my last paper of the semester. It's giant, and I am pretty sure that I over-thought the whole thing, but whatever. It's done. This is probably what it's really like:

Which probably doesn't bode well, but whatever. I am delirious from lack of sleep and all I want is cake...and a pony...and to watch The Big Bang Theory. And to sleep. That's kind of important too. But mostly I want cake. I'm blaming Jeff for sending me that picture. I am also blaming my sister for not only getting Justin Bieber's Baby stuck in my head, but for also getting Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror stuck in my head as well. You try writing a paper with the current prince of pop, and the former, now deceased prince of pop's music stuck in your head like some horrible, twisted Glee mashup. No joke. If I mistakenly wrote out song lyrics instead of something kind of scholarly and intelligible it's her fault...I need to stop talking.



  1. Yeah! Congrats on freedom! I'm so jealous.

  2. So jealous. I still have to write out my senior thesis paper... Now that you have free time, you wanna do it for me?

    Enjoy your freedom! Try not to gorge yourself too much.

  3. Sparks,

    It's no holds barred if there is cake involved, or more specifically, cupcakes...

    Also, sorry, but unless your senior thesis has something to do with sixteenth century English common law and social policy, you're on your own. I know next to nothing about anything else...but good luck!

  4. Also Miranada,

    You'll get through! I know you will, and then we can celebrate with healthy snacks...or can take a break from healthy for a little bit right?!

  5. I don't know what you are talking about. Man in the Mirror is one of the greatest MJ songs of all time. Right up there with Will You Be There. Your sister sounds like a really awesome person. You should get a tattoo of her on your body.