Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Muesday: Basically It's a Song About Getting Roofied

Now, as anyone who doesn't live under a rock knows, or unless you don't celebrate Christmas for various reasons, but then really, you would at least have a working knowledge about what Christmas entails, and you should thus know that it's Christmas time. What this means is that I have been listening to Christmas music non-stop since, oh I don't know, November 1. I love Christmas and basically everything about it, minus the hoards of unwashed masses doing their shopping, and general stupidity, which I really think afflicts humanity year round, and basically makes me allergic to people. Anyway, I was listening to the classic "Baby It's Cold Outside" (the original, not that musical monstrosity sang by Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey), and I came to the conclusion that basically it's a song about getting roofied. No joke. Think about it. She's all like "No I can't stay otherwise people will think I'm a giant whore", and he's like "No you should totally stay because it's cold and that means that we can cuddle etc, and also because I have ulterior motives...let me get you a drink", to which she responds "I really shouldn't. It's a bad life choice...but I think you have a point and I have no will power whatsoever and the ability to say no escapes me right now". So he's all excited and whatnot and pours her a drink to which she's like "hey what's in this?!", and then, he's taking her coat and scarf, and the next thing you know, in all likelihood, she wakes up in a bathtub full of ice missing 3/4 of her liver and a kidney, while he makes away with a cooler full of organ goodies to sell on the Russian/Chinese black market. It's just a creepy creepy song. Either that, or my twisted little mind has taken a Christmas classic/favourite and made it inappropriate, which is entirely possible...

Enough of my rambling about bad life choices, and on to legit Muesday!

Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere else. Sometimes all I can think about is getting away from this place and never looking back. And then I see things that remind me that there are some truly beautiful and wonderful aspects of where I live. As much as I complain about being from Alberta, and about Edmonton, and how it's basically Dante's forgotten frozen circle of hell, I think I forget about how lovely Alberta really can be. I was at a Christmas party this past weekend, that was thrown by a good friend of mine. She showed me the following video, and not only is it gorgeous, but it also features an Albertan artist, and makes me appreciate where I live a little more. Not everyone can drive to the mountains on a whim. Like I said, I only just discovered the following artist this past weekend, which is quite the shame because he is amazing, and I have my friend to thank for that (Thanks Nina!). I have actually been listening to him on repeat since Sunday. W.i.L., is an artist from Calgary, and I am so excited to now have a new Canadian artist to love! I really hope you all enjoy Roam by W.i.L., and that you are just a little jealous that I get to live in such a beautiful place.



  1. All Christmas music is creepy if you get down to it. Santa watching you while you sleep, Last Christmas and it's gay love message, Mommy whoring herself out for santa. No wonder why people drink so much during the holidays!

    Very lovely! Almost makes me want to drive up and freeze my ass off for a few weeks.
    I'm just a little disappointed how they fail to mention anything about the biggest rodeo in the world hehe...

    I saw some Albertans heading south to Vegas last week hauling huge horse trailers. Makes me glad I'm a Texan and not an Albertan, people expect it coming from my state :)