Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Muesday: N/A OK, Or the Pathetic Ramblings of an Unhinged Mind...or a Genius. The Jury is Still Out.

I preemptively apologize for what follows. I am exhausted and I have one paper left to finish, which was supposed to be due today, but because it's some kind of religious festival we got an extension. Thank you baby Jesus! But, what this means is that instead of being able to sit back and relax until my finals, I get to stress for at least two more days. Maybe it's my type-A perfectionist, obsessive compulsive personality, but I think I may be over-thinking everything. Maybe.

Anyway, today was the last day of classes for the semester. It's glorious and not at the exact same time. Mostly because of that paper I have left, and I also feel bad because this post is kind of late in the day/evening. I have a really bad guilty conscience. Instead of coming straight home after class, I went out to celebrate with two wonderful ladies. It was great, except now I have this intense feeling of guilt. Not that I didn't enjoy myself, because I did, but because I have so much left to do and not enough time to do it. On the plus side, I now have a pretty kick ass paper title. And I have now realized exactly how narrow of focus I have in my study of history.

Also, I am adding to 'Leah's List of Grievences':

5. When you have that one jackass in the class who feels the need to raise his hand every single freaking second and challenge the prof: Okay. I am all for asking questions, as long as they are good questions. I always maintain that there are such things as stupid questions and they are usually always asked by stupid people. I was taking (it's done as of 330pm this afternoon) a history class that was all about the Transformation of the European State System 1740-1815, and there was this guy in the class who raised his hand and challenged the prof on everything. And half the time it was just to hear the sound of his own voice. I'm sorry. I paid upwards of $700 for this class, and you mean to tell me that I have to sit here and listen to how you took one, ONE intro level history course, which of course now makes you an expert over the man who is standing up in front of the class who is one of the WORLDS most preeminent Austrian and Habsburg historians? Really? You really want to go there? You really want to argue with him over the actual reason for 500, 000 men losing their lives during Napoleon's invasion of Russia being disease rather than wounded in battle? Can't we just say a lot of people effing died?! WHY THE HELL DOES IT MATTER HOW!!! It's not going to be on the final! I can only remember one other time when a classmate made me imagine doing them bodily harm. I called her 'Purple Coat', mostly because she always, without fail, wore this hideous purple coat, and would never show up to class. She had the audacity to show up one day, the day that she was supposed to present, and then tell everyone that she didn't read her document, and then tell me I was clearly wrong in my interpretation of the document. What followed was an intense verbal battle, that devolved into petty name calling (on her part) and me wanting to launch myself across the table to punch her in the mouth. If it hadn't been for the prof settling things down, I might have actually done it. I just can't stand stupid, ignorant people!

I think it's fairly obvious that I don't suffer fools very well.

Today I am bringing a current favourite of mine. It's called N/A OK by USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker). They are a great little duo out of Toronto and their music always has a really great beat to it. I would write more, but my thoughts are currently filled with a) how angry the annoying guy makes me, b) how ridiculous medieval legislators were (seriously, they legislated against the price of chicken), and c) medieval prostitutes and how I still have to finish my paper (yay for prescriptive dress!). Anyway, enjoy!


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