Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Muesday: Your Dog Doesn't Need Juicy Emblazoned on Its Ass

This is my little trainwreck. We never dyed him pink again

I pride myself on having above average intelligence. I will admit, that I might not always have the right answers, but more often than not, I do. However, there is one thing that I will never understand: People, and their need to dress animals up as humans.

PETA goes on an on about how animals have rights and dignity and blah blah blah, and I agree with them to a certain extent. But I would think that if people wanted to maintain the dignity and self respect of animals, they wouldn't think the best way to do that would be by dressing them up. Seriously, if I were an animal, probably a small dog of some sort, I would lose all self respect and dignity that I had for myself if my owner dressed me in a little jumper. I mean really. Do people honestly think that their pets enjoy being dressed in doggy juicy couture? Do they really think that their dog can't wait to be strapped into some hideous velour monstrosity that will make them waddle around and wish that they could dig the biggest hole in the world so they can then climb into it and then die of humiliation? And furthermore, do these owners have any idea how incredibly stupid they look walking a dog who is wearing a dress? I know for an absolute fact that animals hate this. Before they passed, I had two dogs. Poodles (and yes, you can make fun all you like but they were wonderful and hypoallergenic and the best). We had a black one and a white one. One day, when I was around 11 and my sister 8, we decided that we were going to dye my white dog red with Kool-Aid and food colouring. It was fun until he came out pink. The pinkest of pink. He looked like giant ball of cotton candy and it was hysterical. But honestly, every time we walked him, my poor little trainwreck of a dog, he looked so embarrassed and shot me hateful looks. I felt so bad for him, but I also secretly laughed. I couldn't help it.

Another beef I have with pet owners: your dog doesn't need a damn doggie stroller. It has 4 legs, it can walk. People talk about how obesity is this huge problem and it is. But that doesn't mean that people should contribute to canine obesity. People treat animals like children. Sorry, but no. I would like to sometimes be pushed around in a stroller while shopping, but you don't see me actually acting on it. No joke. In the LA area there is this magical place called Fashion Island. If I had to be stranded on an island, this would be the island I would choose. But here, in this magical place, the good people of California think it is socially acceptable to push their darling little dogs around in strollers while shopping. I can understand if the dog has something wrong with it and can't walk, but when I see someone carrying their baby in their arms and the dog in the stroller, something is seriously wrong. All it does is provide me with something and someone else to publicly mock. Please people, stop dressing up your dogs and make them walk. It's good for them.

Today is the first Muesday of 2012! Exciting, no?! At least I think it is. I was considering continuing with the whole Canadian music thing, but I have decided not to. It has become a bit too restrictive, and I don't like that. So with that being said, this week I bring to a little ditty called Six Weeks by a band out of Iceland, also known as the home of Bjork and her weird swan dress, called Of Monsters and Men. I love them. They are my first discovery of 2012, even though their EP came out a mere 5 days before Christmas, and I can't wait for their full length album! So enjoy this great tune by am amazing little Icelandic indie group!



  1. Sooooo I shouldn't have dressed Chase up in his Elf suit and Raindeer Robe? But he looked sooooo cute :) ummmmmmm what about his doggie high chair?

  2. I meant Reindeer!

  3. Murphy wears a festive bandana at Christmas time. It makes him look jaunty and handsome!! That is the extent I think "doggy couture" should reach.