Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Muesday: Reading Week + Funemployment = No Pants. Win.

It's reading week. The week in February that university students get so they don't go an kill themselves from all the stress and pressure placed on them. What this means is that I can do all my work without ever having to put on a pair of pants. I can sit on my bed and do all my reading for the paper that is due the day we all get back from reading week, while sitting in my jammies, with reruns of Grey's Anatomy on in the background. Reading week + funemployment = no pants. I win. I don't have to get dressed, or try to look cute. I don't have to wash my hair or put on make-up. It's actually my ideal situation...for now anyway. I know I'm painitng a really attractive picture of myself right now. I assure you, most of the time, I (at least according to me) look cute, and clean and put together. But like I said, there are those days where it's just not worth putting in the effort. Let's be serious, who do I have to impress anyway? Also, I think it's mean to have tests and papers due the day after reading week. Really really mean. It's like university professors like being sadists. It was awesome last year where I had nothing due after reading week and spent my time hiding from the sun in Maui (I have a sun allergy, don't judge me).

So in honour of the chill relaxed-ness that is reading week, I am going to share with you all a wonderful song that reminds me of the warm, lazy days of summer, where the sun stays up until 9pm and you can walk around in bare feet and shorts. Those are my favourite days. So here is Caught Me Thinking by Bahamas.



  1. I have never heard of reading week, and I went to a university. What the hell!

    1. I think reading week is the Canadian equivalent of Spring Break. Instead of getting a break in March we get it for family day weekend (presidents day). In my humble opinion, I think reading week needs to be longer! Either that or I am just supremely lazy!