Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Muesday: Amitabh Bachchan In the Warehouse With the Shovel

I need to just take a moment to discuss my newest obsession with Bollywood movies.

I'm taking a history in film class and it's all Indian cinema. And it's amazing! I basically get graded for watching and analyzing movies. At first I was worried, mostly because my experience with India has always been from a British colonial perspective. I viewed it as yet another example of how my beloved Brits screwed over their colonies (see Australia and that whole Palestine/Isreal situation for more examples). I knew virtually nothing about India beyond the fact that I love butter chicken and naan bread. But then my Indian history classes and Dr. Heath happened. And my world was turned upside down. While discovering that I am a little Saidian at heart, I also started a torrid love affair with Indian history and culture. It can make friends with my love affair with the 18th century. They'll be like mistresses, except not....maybe more like besties. They can be my backup friends for when early modern England is busy. Anyway, from my film class, I have developed a love of Indian cinema...and Shashi Kapoor. It's the hair! It doesn't matter that he always plays the mama's boy role. I love him! Well, I should say that I love him in the 60's and 70's (and for once I am not referring to the 1560's or 1570's). Seriously, he's kind of dreamy, and did I mention the hair! Also the fact that his career spanned 60 years is pretty impressive. And let's not forget Amitabh Bachchan. Seriously, the scene in Deewar when he takes on 6 thugs in the warehouse with the shovel and the ropes, all by himself!? If it were a game of Clue: Bollywood Edition, that scene would read like: Amitabh Bachchan in the warehouse with the shovel. The muscles! The fake fighting!? It doesn't get any better! I honestly don't think that I will be able to watch a Hollywood movie in the same way ever again. They will always be missing that certain level of ridiculousness that Bollywood movies have. Not to mention the singing and the dancing and the clothes! Don't even get me started on the clothes! I have to say that the costumes from the movies made in the '60's and '70's are just phenomenal! The hair and the colours and the mixing of Western dress and Indian dress is masterful! I am so excited to watch Sholay this week! Apparently it's an Indian Western, and probably has the worlds best movie villain of all time EVER! I seriously recommend that everyone goes and watches an Indian film! Maybe something with any of the Kapoors, Dev Anand, Nargis, or Amitabh Bachchan.

So, I have loved Washington for a long time. And no, I don't mean Washington, D.C. or George Washington, or George Washington Carver (and they are NOT the same person. But Washington, as in Megan Washinton, who is from Australia. I particularly love her song Holy Moses off her album I Believe You Liar. Also, it has a Kazoo! How could you not love it! So enjoy Holy Moses by Washington! Hopefully it will but a little dance into your Tuesday!



  1. Glad you discovered Bollywood.It's really tons of fun. Just a hint from a girl who has been married to an Indian for the past 10 years and now resides there - stick to the old stuff. The new stuff just ain't got the same soul.

    1. Becky,

      The old movies are by far better than the first! I am so happy to have found Bollywood it's not even funny! Also, living in India must be amazing! I have fallen in love with it and now I can't wait to get there for a visit! Thanks for reading!