Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Muesday: Keeping It REAL Classy Edmonton

So, this is a real thing: Northsiders

Apparently this new reality show idea based in Edmonton is supposed to be like a Jersery Shore meets Geordie Shore with oil riggers and cougars. Not only does it negate any culture that credibility that Edmonton has, but it's horrific! I, and I'm sure most Edmontonians are as well, am completely unaware of this great divide between north and south. Not to mention, the type of people that they are looking for are completely unrepresentative of what Edmonton actually is. We are not all oil field workers and tradespeople, or Cougars looking for a good time. I think the one that gets me the most is the hairstylist. And I quote:

"The hair stylist: he’s an 18-24-year old gay dude who works at a high-end northside salon (or similar) – hates classic rock, ‘rig-pigs’, & everything about most of the people in this group. They have absolutely nothing in common"

This leads me to think that the people making this have no actual knowledge of Edmonton. Do they not know that there are no "high-end northside salon's"? You will only find those if you go super north into St. Albert. And let's be serious, who in their right mind would actually put themselves through this? If you have nothing in common with anyone, why in God's name would you stay in that situation?! I know for an absolute fact that if I knew of someone who was going to be on this show, I would publicly mock them.

Keeping it REAL classy Edmonton.

Some of you might know who Taylor Momsen actually is. You might know her as the adorable and precocious Cindy-Lou Who, or as Jenny Humphrey from the CW's Gossip Girl. Like this:

You might also know her as the front woman for the rock band The Pretty Reckless. She now looks like this:

Now, don't be fooled by her prosti-tot image, she actually has some talent, and if you're into the who rock and roll, kind of angry girl thing, then you might just like their music. I went to Roger Waters last night, and needless to say I have been in a very rock and roll mood ever since. Despite the fact that she looks like a lady of the night or someone you would find on Craigslist Connections and then promptly avoid because she looks like someone who would rob you and then beat you senseless, The Pretty Reckless are actually pretty good.  Momsen's raspy vocals give them that edge that many female fronted rock groups today are missing (at least according to me). Not to mention, it's refreshing to see an actress turned musician not do the whole bubblegum pop thing, because let's face it, the one thing the world doesn't need more of is sugary sweet pop music. I swear to you, if I have to hear that annoying Call Me Maybe song one more time, I might just hurt someone. Anyway, enjoy Hit Me Like a Man, by The Pretty Reckless.


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  1. Speaking of reality shows, I once thought about auditioning for The Real World before it became really boring. I couldn't go through with it because the idea of peeing in a bathroom with no doors did not, and does not, appeal to me.