Friday, 29 June 2012

Sir John A. MacDonald to Victoria: Let's Discuss This Whole Independence Thing Over a Couple Drinks, and by Couple, I Mean, I'm Just Going to Get Schmammered Again

So, it's Friday, and the start of the Canada Day long weekend! I get early dismissal, because you know, sometimes having a real, legit, adult job is like being in the second grade! For those of you who don't know, Canada Day is pretty much like Independence Day in the states, except minus the whole being traitorous little upstarts and starting a war over taxes thing. We asked nicely for independence and Queen Victoria, because she was really cool, gave it to us and everyone's favourite historical alcoholic Sir John A. MacDonald, also known as Canada's first Prime Minister (unless you're one of those people who think Louise Hippolyte Lafontaine was the first (I'm of this camp. I mean come on. He was all like "responsible government" this, and "political reforms after 1837" that. And he was besties with Robert Baldwin who was kind of badass) . Doing it right since 1 July, 1867.

Now, I'm not really that patriotic. Sure, I like being a Canadian, but I'm more likely to roll out British bunting and continue celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee than I am to parade around with a maple leaf drawn on my face. To be quite frank, I think overly patriotic people are terrifying, and also, there's that whole concept of and debate surrounding nationalism that is just too much for my little early modern brain to handle. Anyway, I digress. Basically, Canada Day means I get an extra day in the weekend where I don't have to be a grown up or wear pants. I will gladly take this in exchange for singing "Oh, Canada" (with the old lyrics of course! who said we had to seperate church and state? Psh, give me a break) for 30 seconds. What this also means is that it's really hard to be motivated when you know that in a mere hour and half you're free.

Now to the point: I have found an amazing video on YouTube that I am oh so kindly going to share with you all to kick start what is shaping up to be a pretty kick ass long weekend. It's called Beauty and the Beat, and I have no words to describe it. You just have to watch it to believe that it happened. Also, God Bless America for producing such fine thespians.

Oh and one more thing: Obamacare!

Happy Canada Day and Independence (also known as we decided to rebel against our rightful king and country and technically could have been hanged as traitorous rebels) Day. Just kidding (kind of). You know I love my Southern neighbours (for the most part)!

That is all.



  1. I love this post! Enough said.

    We might be traitors, but at least we don't have the queens ugly mug minted all over our money :)

    1. Sparks my dear friend!

      So lovely to hear from you again! All I have to say is beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also, Liz is a heck of a lot better looking than Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson put together. Plus, she wears kick ass hats and pearls!

      Happy July 4th!

    2. Sorry I disappeared for a while. Seems to happen a lot recently. I still keep up with the blog stalking though, so don't worry!

      Pfff, hats and pearls. Who needs those when your leaders had hordes of slaves and wives.... Just remember that your country and my country are each others biggest allies. I guess we are both stuck with each other.

      Happy Canada Day!

      Two of the most awesome country celebrations in the same week what could be better?

  2. That... video... was... AWESOME!! I have no words.

    1. I know right!!! Definitely one of my better finds!!!

  3. This just reminds me that Independence Day is right around the corner. That would be just grand if people stopped getting drunk, only to get behind the wheel of a car.

    1. Do you get a long weekend too for the 4th? I would be very sad for you if you don't!

      Actually, as of today, Alberta instituted new drinking and driving regulations. Now, you can have even less alcohol, and if you're on a graduated license you can't have any! If you have even a drop of booze in your system, you get your license suspended for 30 days, and a fine of of like $300 or something like that.

      As someone who doesn't ever drink I am all for this!

      Have a happy 4th friend!