Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Muesday: Time Is A Very Fluid Concept for Me

Anyone who knows me on any level knows that time is a very fluid concept for me. Lateness is a chronic problem. I know it's terrible, and I know that I should try harder to be on time, but it's just so difficult. I'm usually at least 10 minutes late for anything, rushing in breathlessly, with a Starbucks latte in my hand, purse flying about me, and my giant sunglasses perched precariously on my head (wow, that sounds kind of glamorous...I assure you, it's not). My chronic lateness is why all of my clocks are fast. There have been countless people who have been in my car, looked at the clock and freaked out because of the time. My response: "Oh don't worry, that's not right. My clock is 23 minutes fast". Nothing says trying to be on time like arbitrary numbers. But the problem with setting all my clocks fast, is that I inevitably figure it out, and that just sees me saying "oh, I have 23 minutes, that's loads of time". This is a problem and I feel slightly bad about it. It's a good thing The Boy has infinite amounts of patience (and believe me, patience is something that anyone needs when around me). He came with me to a BBQ last week, and I was an hour late going to get him. He was awesome though, and rewarded what I hope is my endearing lateness and cuteness with a present. And not just any present. A monogrammed, lavender Cambridge Satchel. Just because. I still don't understand how someone so awesome has the wherewithal to deal with me on a daily basis. I'm not complaining.

So, how about those Olympics? Can I make a confession right now? I actually like the Winter Olympics much better than the Summer Olympics apart from the soccer, which they don't show, which is infuriating and makes me want to throw things!? How can you not televise the best sport in the world?! It's mind boggling! Granted they do show most of the qualifying rounds. But with that being said, I am quite enjoying them. Mostly because I think that the athletes are amazing, and for the male swimmers and divers...also the water polo players. Holy crap! They have THE NICEST bodies I have ever seen. It's insane!!!! Anyway, to celebrate these lovely London Olympics, I am sharing with you an artists straight out of West London. Lady Sovereign is kind of amazing because she is an artist in a style of music that is dominated by men. I also adore her because she's little just like me. So enjoy My England, of of Lady Sovereign's album Public Warning.

 Until next time lovelies!

 xoxo Leah

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