Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Muesday: Keeping Up The Charade

Hi friends! That fall is imminent and things are happening and I have decided that I am going to keep up this charade of being an adult for a little longer. This mostly stems from my love of pretty things and shoes. I know for a fact that The Boy will be happy about this. It might mean that I actually act like an adult instead of a child trapped in an adults body. It might also help the fact that it looks like he's dating a 12 year old (it's the height thing. He's very tall and I am very tiny). It's definitely not what I had in mind for myself for the fall, however, life works in funny ways, and I am sure that I had in mind will come around. I'm choosing to think of this extended period of adulthood as like a spy adventure. I'm like James Bond without the gratuitous violence and with better boobs...

Also exciting, remember that time I was like, "hey, I'm in a calendar", well, I have the date when it's going to be launched! Keep your eyes peeled after 18 September, and you can pick up your very own Pink Ribbon Pin Up Calendar with yours truly as Miss March (bubbles included).

Also also, one of the things that are happening is that Bust a Move is starting up again, and I can't even begin to tell you all how excited I am to be on the committee again. You can bet your bottom dollars that I will be talking about this A LOT as we get closer and closer to the second annual awesomeness that is Bust a Move!

So, I kind of went on a music bender the other day and bought a whole swack of new wonderful songs! One that stumbled upon is by a band called Rococode. They are made up of the odds and ends that was the rhythm section of Tegan & Sara and one of my all time favourite bands, Said The Whale. Upon my first couple of listens, I thought they were basically trying to be Mother Mother, but then I started to notice all the subtle things about their album, and decided that it is actually quite distinct and very well done. Empire is probably by far the best song on the whole album, so with that in mind, I share with you Empire off the record Guns, Sex and Glory. 

Have a wonderful week duckies!



  1. I can't wait for your calender. I will be able to purchase one, right?

    1. I was wondering where you had gone friend! I do believe they will be available online, and if not, I will personally send you one! I saw the draft copy of it like 15 minutes ago, and it looks amazing!!!! I'm so excited!