Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Muesday: Just Because I'm Pretending to be an Adult Doesn't Mean I Have to Dress Like One

Hi Friends!

Well, another Tuesday has come and gone and I don't know where time went. My life seems to be moving at warp speed, but that's a good thing. My calendar came out (go and buy it if you haven't already) and I started a brand new job. Holy potatoes, information overload. I get to work in the morning and the next thing I know it's freaking 4 pm. I won't lie, last week I had a bit of a breakdown. I honestly don't know why the chose to hire me. Obviously they think I'm qualified, even though I think that I am grossly under-qualified for this job. I also have to say that it's really super awesome when I'm asked to do something by someone who doesn't think it's necessary to give you any description of what they want done. Needless to say I was a little lost, but it's getting better. I definitely know that I am going to love this new job and that I am going to learn an incredible amount.

Also, can I just say that adult clothes are boring. Why is it that people dress in blacks and navys and gross khaki (the colour God forgot. Is it brown, is it cream? It's a hot mess) colours when it comes to "professional dress"? Seriously! Just because you're all important and have an impressive  degree doesn't mean you should be boring. Hello! The way you dress is how you want people to see you. I just don't understand why being a grown up requires boring clothes. I work with a bunch of lawyers, and I have been at my new job for 5 days and I can tell you that I am by far the most colourful person in my office. Yesterday it was fuchsia, today bright red. I love printed dress pants and bright colours, and don't see how they're not professional. If they aren't something I would wear on the weekend and are legitimate dress pants there shouldn't be a problem. Plus, the dress code doesn't specifically say that printed dress pants and bright colours aren't allowed. It just says that you should dress in a professional manner that allows you to do your job. Interpretation is 99% of the law, at least that's what I think, and considering I work with lawyers, they can't exactly fault me for that way of thinking. Just because I'm pretending to be an adult doesn't mean I have to dress like one. Colours, prints and patterns for everyone!

This week is hard when it comes to music. There are a lot of great albums that are coming out next Tuesday, but this Tuesday had it's own gems. The new Mumford & Sons album came out, which is pretty awesome, but I was way more excited for Jenn Grant's new album. It's called The Beautiful Wild, and the whole thing is just amazing. I'm really finding that I getting back into listening to my beloved Canadian artists which makes Jenn's new album that much better for me. Today I am going to share with you the song that I had on repeat all day. It's called In the Belly of a Dragon. I hope you all enjoy it!

Later days duckies!


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  1. Oh LK- I love you so.
    This reminds me of a little rant I had myself just a few months ago...