Sunday, 11 November 2012

I Failed. Shit.

Remember that thing I called No Shopping November. Ya well, I failed. Shit. I lasted 11 days.  Damn you J. Crew factory store and your stupidly, ridiculously awesome grand opening sale with your 40% off everything in the store plus an addition 25% off if you spent $125 or more. Why did this have to happen during No Shopping November?! An even better question is, why do I have NO WILLPOWER WHATSOEVER?! Why am I such a failure? At this rate I will never be a fully functioning, legitimate adult, who contributes more to society than just my pay-cheque.

Ugh! Maybe I'll try No Shopping January. At least in January everything is picked over and I'm in a comfortable shopping coma from the combination of my birthday, Christmas and Boxing Day.

Also, apparently there is going to be a coffee shortage? The apocalypse is basically upon us. I don't think I could live without coffee. It just wouldn't happen. I will feel really bad for everyone who has to be around me if this actually happens. Especially The Boy. He hasn't seen a truly cranky Leah until he's seen me insufficiently caffeinated. For everyone's sake, I hope this doesn't actually happen.

Anyway, I fully accept everyone's mocking and disappointment. My head will hang in shame for approximately 10 minutes.

Later days duckies!


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