Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ironically, a VERY Bad Influence

So remember that time I was all like "I'm going to try to not shop for the ENTIRE month of November. I can totally do this and it'll be soooo good for me!"? Ya, well it's a lot harder than I imagined. Only made more difficult by mother. Now, normally she's the one who tries to keep me on track with my spending habit, which I am very thankful for. Someone has to be the voice of reason when I am blinded by all the shiny, sparkly, lovely things, even when I don't like it and get annoyed. It's all about trying to help me become a fully functioning responsible adult.

I think I am doing really well at my little challenge too. I went shopping with my mother this past weekend, and she'd point out cute things and I'd say "No mum, I can't. Remember, it's No Shopping November". It made me feel like I can actually do this! And then today happened. I was out with my mum again, on a quest to find her a new winter coat, when we walked by some lovely shoes. And the next thing you know, I had both pairs in a bag. She was the bad influence today. She was all like "they're so cute and classic and will never go out of style. You need to own those shoes". I maintained that it was No Shopping November, and then she goes and actually purchased them for me. This is so ironic because as I previously stated, she's normally the one who raises her eyebrows and looks all disapproving when new shoes and clothes decide to come home with me. But I somehow feel like I am cheating. Not that I'm complaining, because let's be serious, they're gorgeous shoes. One is a lovely black patent leather pair of Oxfords by Bloch and the other are some lovely calf hair animal print Oxfords by Dolce Vita. So incredibly pretty! But still. I somehow feel like this isn't going to help teach me anything.

I'm very conflicted here. Thoughts? Is it failure if someone else buys them for you? I don't think so....

Until Tuesday lovelies!


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