Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Muesday: I Need An Excuse to Move Somewhere Warm

Can I just take a minute to question why I live in this frozen hell hole? When I woke up this morning there was no snow on the ground (apart from what was already there). When I left the house, there was still no snow. Then halfway through my commute, a blinding snow storm started. Alberta weather, you are a giant bitch. Screw you and your need to snow for an inordinate amount of time and bury cars under a blanket of cold, wet bullshit. Damn you for making the roads shitty and causing all the shitty drivers in their giant trucks to come out and speed past on icy roads. Damn you for fooling me into thinking my choice in shoes would be fine! And damn me for thinking that I could get away with wearing what is apparently inappropriate footwear in November. I am desperately trying to convince The Boy to use his fancy finance degree and two extra designations to move to California, so I can escape this cold, white wasteland. I think this is a good plan. He just looks at me like I'm the most ridiculous person he's ever met, which is probably true. I think I'm just looking for an excuse to move somewhere warm, or at least visit for a substantial part of the year. Someone needs to make this happen.

On the plus side, I did get to hear several MLA's discuss the merits of Gangnam Style before oral question period today. The best part was hearing an older MLA describe to a new MLA exactly what it was. Made this snowy day WAY better!

Also, can I just say good job America for picking the right president. Yay for progress!

So November 26 is coming up and I'm super excited! That's the day that Serena Ryder's new album comes out! This is extremely exciting because she hasn't had anything really new out since 2009. I have been listening to the two singles off her album on repeat. I just can't get enough. They are pretty different from her previous stuff, which is really exciting! It's also really exciting because she's getting a lot of radio play outside of CBC radio. Finally! People are starting to realize how awesome she is! So, because of all the snow today, I'm feel extra generous and I am going to share both of her singles with you! I hope you enjoy What I Wouldn't Do, and Stompa, both of which are on her upcoming album Harmony.

Until next time snow bunnies!



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