Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Muesday: Stop Pretending You Filthy Liar

I have a rather pressing question for everyone: why does TLC still pretend that it's The Learning Channel? I remember when I was a lot smaller than I am now, and it actually offered programs that were at least slightly educational. But it's like they have given up the ghost and decided that the world wasn't complete without Toddlers and Tiara's or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Don't get me wrong, I have an unnatural affinity for trashy television but TLC takes it to new extremes. I just don't understand. Does the world really need to see Mario Lopez get married to some chick named Courtney? Or do we really need to be subjected to looking at all the hideous wedding dresses that overly emotional morons cry over? No thanks. It's kind of like how The History Channel is a huge joke. FYI, American Pickers is not even remotely historical you morons. Here's some friendly advice for you TLC: stop pretending you filthy liar!

Remember when there was that video that came out for Gotye's Somebody I Used to Know that wasn't Gotye but those 5 people with that one guitar? Well, they are called Walk off the Earth, and guess what?! They have an EP. And it's awesome! Seriously, I thought they were talented wen they fit 5 people around one acoustic guitar and managed to coordinated singing and playing it all at the same time. But their EP is just so cute and amazing. It's music that makes you want to dance. My advice for everyone today is to take a break and have a 30 second dance party to Red Hands by Walk off the Earth.

Until next time lovelies!


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