Sunday, 23 December 2012

It's the End of the World As We Know It...Oh Wait...

Hi friends! It was quite the week! I became a whole year older (and closer to 30, my god!) and the world almost came to an end but didn't. I know, what  a complete and utter shock, and by complete and utter shock, I mean that no one is actually surprised by this. We are all here for another day, and I think we can all thank Buffy the Vampire Slayer for that. It's because of her that that jolly fat (kind of creepy) man will break into millions of homes, accruing countless felonies.What a magical time of year.

I honestly can't believe that Christmas is upon us. It really crept up this year, and I realized that Christmas Eve is tomorrow this afternoon when I cursed my laziness and had to wrap all my presents. I think the only thing I hate more than packing for a trip, is wrapping Christmas presents. Although, I do like opening Christmas presents, but that's because I am hopelessly materialistic and like pretty things. Every year my family always tells me that I am the hardest person to buy for, which is most definitely not true. Yes, I do have a very specific sense of style and am very particular with the things I like, and I recognize that this could make buying me things a bit of a daunting task. But, I have a fool proof solution for anyone who is tasked with getting me a gift. That my friends is the wonderful, magical invention called The Gift Card. Gift cards are great! I give people a list of my favourite places to shop and voila! They're done. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, gift cards are the way to go because that way I don't have to pretend to like what you got me. It makes the situation way less awkward and I don't have to feel bad about lying to your face. Sure this makes me seem kind of like a bitch, but I would rather be honest than a liar.

This Christmas is going to be pretty laid back, which I am super stoked about, especially because I think I am fighting off the flu. In an attempt to get me to feel better the other night, my mother presented me with a shot glass of NyQuil. Yes, a shot glass. I kid you not. Now that's what I call motherly love. This holiday season,  I plan on basically sitting in sweatpants, eating delicious food, and watching TLC marathons of the worlds worst television. This is perfect. The marathons have already started, and I am slightly ashamed to say that spent the majority of the day watching Toddler's & Tiara's. So creepy, and yet so entertaining. It really just makes me wonder about the future of humanity. Also, can I just say that I am super pumped for the new year and a whole new seasons of Dance Moms? I know, I know. You're all shaking your heads and asking why!? I just can't help myself! It's actually kind of a problem. I'm going to try extra hard not stress this Christmas. It's the first time that my parents are going to meet The Boy's mother. That should I don't know. Reality tv is looking pretty good right about now...

Anyway my doves, there's only one more sleep until that jolly creep squeezes his obese frame down some tiny chimney, and I hope he brings each and every one of you exactly what you want for Christmas. Don't worry, I'll be sure to regale you with tales of Christmas awkwardness awesomeness.


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