Monday, 10 December 2012

Muesday: Pinterest, A Lesson in Expectations Vs. Reality

I'm having a really difficult time getting into the Christmas Spirit this year. I was the same way last year, and I thought that this blah attitude was a one time deal, but I guess not. There are a whole host of things I am going to blame, the first of which is Pinterest. Seriously, I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. On the one hand I like to see all the cool crafts and baking and ideas and shit that people can come up with. But on the other hand I hate it with a passion because I am 100% positive that it creates unrealistic expectations as to what people are actually capable of. Sure that recipe looks awesome and I'm sure that woven craft/silk screening/whatever the hell it is, is totally cool, and yes, you do provide step-by-step instructions as to how to achieve this, but the end result is always one big, disappointing failure. Pinterest makes people feel bad about themselves. I look at all the lovely things and think, "hey, maybe I could do that" and then I actually try it and I go from hopeful optimism to full out rage and sadness. Let's face it, Pinterest sets people up to fail 99.99% of the time, and for the 0.01% that it actually works for can just suck it. We all know that you have nothing but time on your hands to perfect your nauseatingly wonderful cards, and ornaments and delicious, apparently "low calorie" desserts. Ugh. Going on Pinterest alone is enough to make you hate the holidays. Also, I just need to say it: get off Pinterest and get a real freaking hobby! I admit, if I've got an extra five minutes and I feel like going on my computer after sitting at a computer all day, I'll go peruse Pinterest. But all I seem to ever see are  the same people who re-pin every single freaking thing. I mean, don't you have a job? Don't you have something better to do than re-pin pictures of rooms that you will never have in your house, or crafts that you will never actually do. And those wedding boards?! My God! You will never have a wedding like that. Like I said, unrealistic expectations.

Want to laugh at Pinterest? Go here and see that you're not alone in your failure.

In keeping with my non-Christmas, blah humbug mood (no Bah Humbug, because I actually do like Christmas), I am going to share with you all one of my favourite bands of all time ever. I talked about my love for Said the Whale several times before. They are just so amazing and in my opinion, one of the best things to happen to Canadian music since the Tragically Hip (who are also equally as awesome!). Now, every year, they release a few songs on a Christmas EP, online, and these eventually disappear. But, now they have released them all on one wonderful little album. It's basically one of the best things for me right now, mostly because the songs aren't creepy as most Christmas songs tend to be. And here is the probably the neatest part about it. You can't get it on iTunes! But you can get it here! And all they are asking for is a donation of any amount that you think is fair. Or you can get it free, but I hope if you do choose to download it you pay at least $5. Don't be a Grinch and donate to them so they can continue making wonderful music.  Because I am basically in love with this right now, and because it is the only thing getting me through the masses of Children's Choirs that insist on yowling singing on the steps at the Legislature every day. Please enjoy everything about West Coast Christmas from Said the Whale

Later days lovelies!


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