Friday, 7 December 2012

Not Quite Tuesday, but at Least It's Still the Same Week

Hi friends, long time no see! The House has risen which means that I am one happy piccolina, as my Italian co-worker calls me. This also means that I now have to do all the things that I love to do and to enjoy the Christmas season. Today was also just a really good day. I got to work with some amazing people on a project for Bust a Move. You remember Bust a Move right? It's that really super awesome fundraiser for breast health that involves 6 hours of working out and Richard Simmons. Not to mention a whole lotta hot pink and spandex. And this thing that I did for it today was really really fun. I am not sure if I should share it just yet, or if I should just keep it on the DL and share it with you when it's done. Pretty sure it's more fun to make you wait. I just love that I get to be involved in something that is bigger than myself. I love that I am able to give back this way. Bust a Move 2013 is going to be even better than last year.

I'm really starting to get into the Holiday Spirit. I have finally put all my Christmas music onto my iPod and I have even started my Christmas shopping. But I do have to say that listening to my Christmas music is probably my favourite things. I have also realized that there are a lot of creepy Christmas songs out there, apart from Baby It's Cold Outside, which is basically a song about date rape, and in keeping with that theme I am going to give you another creepy Christmas song. It's not so much creepy in the whole you could wake up missing a kidney after accepting a roofied hot toddy, but in that it just sounds so creepy. The song is Santa Baby by a lovely little band called VersaEmerge. They kind of sound a little bit like Paramore, but not quite as, oh I don't know, bubbly? Maybe? All I know is that their albums have never disappointed me. Basically a typical Fueled By Ramen band that makes my inner 16 year old really happy.

Anyway friends, I hope you've all been okay in my absence and I also hope you can forgive my tardiness. I love you all!


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