Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A Little Blue Box Filled Christmas

He did good

Happy Christmas lovlies! I hope that jolly felon left everything on your Christmas list under your tree!

Christmas has actually been surprisingly awesome! My Gentleman and his mother came over for Christmas dinner last night, which left me filled with anxiety for a large portion of yesterday, until I realized that everyone was behaving themselves and a lovely time was had by all. Not to mention that my Gentleman did very well and gave me a lovely little blue box from Tiffany & Co. containing a beautiful little charm for my bracelet, which was paired with tickets to one of my favourite bands in the whole world, The Tragically Hip. He gets a pat on the back and at least 5 gold stars for that!

Anyway, this is just a short post today wishing everyone a Happy Christmas/Festivus/Hanuka/Kwanza, or for those of you with a giant sprig of holly up your arss, a Happy Non-Denomination Whatever You Want to Call It! I will leave you with this. Take a listen to it, and hopefully it will help you prepare for the daunting task of eating your way through multiple Christmas dinners!

Love and Reindeers and Candy Canes and Unicorns (which are acceptable at any time of the year!)


Sunday, 23 December 2012

It's the End of the World As We Know It...Oh Wait...

Hi friends! It was quite the week! I became a whole year older (and closer to 30, my god!) and the world almost came to an end but didn't. I know, what  a complete and utter shock, and by complete and utter shock, I mean that no one is actually surprised by this. We are all here for another day, and I think we can all thank Buffy the Vampire Slayer for that. It's because of her that that jolly fat (kind of creepy) man will break into millions of homes, accruing countless felonies.What a magical time of year.

I honestly can't believe that Christmas is upon us. It really crept up this year, and I realized that Christmas Eve is tomorrow this afternoon when I cursed my laziness and had to wrap all my presents. I think the only thing I hate more than packing for a trip, is wrapping Christmas presents. Although, I do like opening Christmas presents, but that's because I am hopelessly materialistic and like pretty things. Every year my family always tells me that I am the hardest person to buy for, which is most definitely not true. Yes, I do have a very specific sense of style and am very particular with the things I like, and I recognize that this could make buying me things a bit of a daunting task. But, I have a fool proof solution for anyone who is tasked with getting me a gift. That my friends is the wonderful, magical invention called The Gift Card. Gift cards are great! I give people a list of my favourite places to shop and voila! They're done. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, gift cards are the way to go because that way I don't have to pretend to like what you got me. It makes the situation way less awkward and I don't have to feel bad about lying to your face. Sure this makes me seem kind of like a bitch, but I would rather be honest than a liar.

This Christmas is going to be pretty laid back, which I am super stoked about, especially because I think I am fighting off the flu. In an attempt to get me to feel better the other night, my mother presented me with a shot glass of NyQuil. Yes, a shot glass. I kid you not. Now that's what I call motherly love. This holiday season,  I plan on basically sitting in sweatpants, eating delicious food, and watching TLC marathons of the worlds worst television. This is perfect. The marathons have already started, and I am slightly ashamed to say that spent the majority of the day watching Toddler's & Tiara's. So creepy, and yet so entertaining. It really just makes me wonder about the future of humanity. Also, can I just say that I am super pumped for the new year and a whole new seasons of Dance Moms? I know, I know. You're all shaking your heads and asking why!? I just can't help myself! It's actually kind of a problem. I'm going to try extra hard not stress this Christmas. It's the first time that my parents are going to meet The Boy's mother. That should be...fun? I don't know. Reality tv is looking pretty good right about now...

Anyway my doves, there's only one more sleep until that jolly creep squeezes his obese frame down some tiny chimney, and I hope he brings each and every one of you exactly what you want for Christmas. Don't worry, I'll be sure to regale you with tales of Christmas awkwardness awesomeness.


Monday, 10 December 2012

Muesday: Pinterest, A Lesson in Expectations Vs. Reality

I'm having a really difficult time getting into the Christmas Spirit this year. I was the same way last year, and I thought that this blah attitude was a one time deal, but I guess not. There are a whole host of things I am going to blame, the first of which is Pinterest. Seriously, I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. On the one hand I like to see all the cool crafts and baking and ideas and shit that people can come up with. But on the other hand I hate it with a passion because I am 100% positive that it creates unrealistic expectations as to what people are actually capable of. Sure that recipe looks awesome and I'm sure that woven craft/silk screening/whatever the hell it is, is totally cool, and yes, you do provide step-by-step instructions as to how to achieve this, but the end result is always one big, disappointing failure. Pinterest makes people feel bad about themselves. I look at all the lovely things and think, "hey, maybe I could do that" and then I actually try it and I go from hopeful optimism to full out rage and sadness. Let's face it, Pinterest sets people up to fail 99.99% of the time, and for the 0.01% that it actually works for can just suck it. We all know that you have nothing but time on your hands to perfect your nauseatingly wonderful cards, and ornaments and delicious, apparently "low calorie" desserts. Ugh. Going on Pinterest alone is enough to make you hate the holidays. Also, I just need to say it: get off Pinterest and get a real freaking hobby! I admit, if I've got an extra five minutes and I feel like going on my computer after sitting at a computer all day, I'll go peruse Pinterest. But all I seem to ever see are  the same people who re-pin every single freaking thing. I mean, don't you have a job? Don't you have something better to do than re-pin pictures of rooms that you will never have in your house, or crafts that you will never actually do. And those wedding boards?! My God! You will never have a wedding like that. Like I said, unrealistic expectations.

Want to laugh at Pinterest? Go here and see that you're not alone in your failure.

In keeping with my non-Christmas, blah humbug mood (no Bah Humbug, because I actually do like Christmas), I am going to share with you all one of my favourite bands of all time ever. I talked about my love for Said the Whale several times before. They are just so amazing and in my opinion, one of the best things to happen to Canadian music since the Tragically Hip (who are also equally as awesome!). Now, every year, they release a few songs on a Christmas EP, online, and these eventually disappear. But, now they have released them all on one wonderful little album. It's basically one of the best things for me right now, mostly because the songs aren't creepy as most Christmas songs tend to be. And here is the probably the neatest part about it. You can't get it on iTunes! But you can get it here! And all they are asking for is a donation of any amount that you think is fair. Or you can get it free, but I hope if you do choose to download it you pay at least $5. Don't be a Grinch and donate to them so they can continue making wonderful music.  Because I am basically in love with this right now, and because it is the only thing getting me through the masses of Children's Choirs that insist on yowling singing on the steps at the Legislature every day. Please enjoy everything about West Coast Christmas from Said the Whale

Later days lovelies!


Friday, 7 December 2012

Not Quite Tuesday, but at Least It's Still the Same Week

Hi friends, long time no see! The House has risen which means that I am one happy piccolina, as my Italian co-worker calls me. This also means that I now have to do all the things that I love to do and to enjoy the Christmas season. Today was also just a really good day. I got to work with some amazing people on a project for Bust a Move. You remember Bust a Move right? It's that really super awesome fundraiser for breast health that involves 6 hours of working out and Richard Simmons. Not to mention a whole lotta hot pink and spandex. And this thing that I did for it today was really really fun. I am not sure if I should share it just yet, or if I should just keep it on the DL and share it with you when it's done. Pretty sure it's more fun to make you wait. I just love that I get to be involved in something that is bigger than myself. I love that I am able to give back this way. Bust a Move 2013 is going to be even better than last year.

I'm really starting to get into the Holiday Spirit. I have finally put all my Christmas music onto my iPod and I have even started my Christmas shopping. But I do have to say that listening to my Christmas music is probably my favourite things. I have also realized that there are a lot of creepy Christmas songs out there, apart from Baby It's Cold Outside, which is basically a song about date rape, and in keeping with that theme I am going to give you another creepy Christmas song. It's not so much creepy in the whole you could wake up missing a kidney after accepting a roofied hot toddy, but in that it just sounds so creepy. The song is Santa Baby by a lovely little band called VersaEmerge. They kind of sound a little bit like Paramore, but not quite as, oh I don't know, bubbly? Maybe? All I know is that their albums have never disappointed me. Basically a typical Fueled By Ramen band that makes my inner 16 year old really happy.

Anyway friends, I hope you've all been okay in my absence and I also hope you can forgive my tardiness. I love you all!


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Muesday: Clearly I'm having Issues Being an Adult

I know, I know. I fail at blogging. Life has been retardedly busy between work and life and funerals and everything else. Clearly I am having difficulties being an adult and functioning like someone who contributes to society. But, I promise times a million that once the House rises in a week, I will be back to your regularly scheduled blogging. I also promise that they will witty and possibly funny and maybe a little insightful? Perhaps? Anyway, because I feel bad I am going to try and bribe you and buy your love and affection with amazing YouTube videos and possibly some awesome music.

First, I bring you Reginald. This basically makes me so happy and is the best thing for when you are feeling crappy.

Next, I bring you another in a long like of "Shit _______ says". Here is a "Sh*t Lana del Rey says. Amazing. Just so funny, and slightly musically related.

Now for music! I have a bit of a confession to make. I can't stand Tegan and Sara. Like I want to punch a kitten when I hear them sing can't stand. They are so annoying and all their songs sound the same. But, and this is a great bit BUT. I kind of love the song Closer. I can't tell you how or why this happened, but all I know is that I can't control myself when I hear it and I have myself a little dance party. And I hate that I love the song, because that might mean that I am on the way to actually like Tegan and Sara. It's a tangled viscous cycle. So I figured that in my shame I will share my current guilty pleasure.

Again, please forgive me for being so neglectful. I promise with a cherry on top and a unicorn covered in chocolate and diamonds.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go get ready to see Paul McCartney


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Muesday: Stop Pretending You Filthy Liar

I have a rather pressing question for everyone: why does TLC still pretend that it's The Learning Channel? I remember when I was a lot smaller than I am now, and it actually offered programs that were at least slightly educational. But it's like they have given up the ghost and decided that the world wasn't complete without Toddlers and Tiara's or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Don't get me wrong, I have an unnatural affinity for trashy television but TLC takes it to new extremes. I just don't understand. Does the world really need to see Mario Lopez get married to some chick named Courtney? Or do we really need to be subjected to looking at all the hideous wedding dresses that overly emotional morons cry over? No thanks. It's kind of like how The History Channel is a huge joke. FYI, American Pickers is not even remotely historical you morons. Here's some friendly advice for you TLC: stop pretending you filthy liar!

Remember when there was that video that came out for Gotye's Somebody I Used to Know that wasn't Gotye but those 5 people with that one guitar? Well, they are called Walk off the Earth, and guess what?! They have an EP. And it's awesome! Seriously, I thought they were talented wen they fit 5 people around one acoustic guitar and managed to coordinated singing and playing it all at the same time. But their EP is just so cute and amazing. It's music that makes you want to dance. My advice for everyone today is to take a break and have a 30 second dance party to Red Hands by Walk off the Earth.

Until next time lovelies!


Sunday, 11 November 2012

I Failed. Shit.

Remember that thing I called No Shopping November. Ya well, I failed. Shit. I lasted 11 days.  Damn you J. Crew factory store and your stupidly, ridiculously awesome grand opening sale with your 40% off everything in the store plus an addition 25% off if you spent $125 or more. Why did this have to happen during No Shopping November?! An even better question is, why do I have NO WILLPOWER WHATSOEVER?! Why am I such a failure? At this rate I will never be a fully functioning, legitimate adult, who contributes more to society than just my pay-cheque.

Ugh! Maybe I'll try No Shopping January. At least in January everything is picked over and I'm in a comfortable shopping coma from the combination of my birthday, Christmas and Boxing Day.

Also, apparently there is going to be a coffee shortage? The apocalypse is basically upon us. I don't think I could live without coffee. It just wouldn't happen. I will feel really bad for everyone who has to be around me if this actually happens. Especially The Boy. He hasn't seen a truly cranky Leah until he's seen me insufficiently caffeinated. For everyone's sake, I hope this doesn't actually happen.

Anyway, I fully accept everyone's mocking and disappointment. My head will hang in shame for approximately 10 minutes.

Later days duckies!


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Muesday: I Need An Excuse to Move Somewhere Warm

Can I just take a minute to question why I live in this frozen hell hole? When I woke up this morning there was no snow on the ground (apart from what was already there). When I left the house, there was still no snow. Then halfway through my commute, a blinding snow storm started. Alberta weather, you are a giant bitch. Screw you and your need to snow for an inordinate amount of time and bury cars under a blanket of cold, wet bullshit. Damn you for making the roads shitty and causing all the shitty drivers in their giant trucks to come out and speed past on icy roads. Damn you for fooling me into thinking my choice in shoes would be fine! And damn me for thinking that I could get away with wearing what is apparently inappropriate footwear in November. I am desperately trying to convince The Boy to use his fancy finance degree and two extra designations to move to California, so I can escape this cold, white wasteland. I think this is a good plan. He just looks at me like I'm the most ridiculous person he's ever met, which is probably true. I think I'm just looking for an excuse to move somewhere warm, or at least visit for a substantial part of the year. Someone needs to make this happen.

On the plus side, I did get to hear several MLA's discuss the merits of Gangnam Style before oral question period today. The best part was hearing an older MLA describe to a new MLA exactly what it was. Made this snowy day WAY better!

Also, can I just say good job America for picking the right president. Yay for progress!

So November 26 is coming up and I'm super excited! That's the day that Serena Ryder's new album comes out! This is extremely exciting because she hasn't had anything really new out since 2009. I have been listening to the two singles off her album on repeat. I just can't get enough. They are pretty different from her previous stuff, which is really exciting! It's also really exciting because she's getting a lot of radio play outside of CBC radio. Finally! People are starting to realize how awesome she is! So, because of all the snow today, I'm feel extra generous and I am going to share both of her singles with you! I hope you enjoy What I Wouldn't Do, and Stompa, both of which are on her upcoming album Harmony.

Until next time snow bunnies!



Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ironically, a VERY Bad Influence

So remember that time I was all like "I'm going to try to not shop for the ENTIRE month of November. I can totally do this and it'll be soooo good for me!"? Ya, well it's a lot harder than I imagined. Only made more difficult by mother. Now, normally she's the one who tries to keep me on track with my spending habit, which I am very thankful for. Someone has to be the voice of reason when I am blinded by all the shiny, sparkly, lovely things, even when I don't like it and get annoyed. It's all about trying to help me become a fully functioning responsible adult.

I think I am doing really well at my little challenge too. I went shopping with my mother this past weekend, and she'd point out cute things and I'd say "No mum, I can't. Remember, it's No Shopping November". It made me feel like I can actually do this! And then today happened. I was out with my mum again, on a quest to find her a new winter coat, when we walked by some lovely shoes. And the next thing you know, I had both pairs in a bag. She was the bad influence today. She was all like "they're so cute and classic and will never go out of style. You need to own those shoes". I maintained that it was No Shopping November, and then she goes and actually purchased them for me. This is so ironic because as I previously stated, she's normally the one who raises her eyebrows and looks all disapproving when new shoes and clothes decide to come home with me. But I somehow feel like I am cheating. Not that I'm complaining, because let's be serious, they're gorgeous shoes. One is a lovely black patent leather pair of Oxfords by Bloch and the other are some lovely calf hair animal print Oxfords by Dolce Vita. So incredibly pretty! But still. I somehow feel like this isn't going to help teach me anything.

I'm very conflicted here. Thoughts? Is it failure if someone else buys them for you? I don't think so....

Until Tuesday lovelies!


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Muesday: Failure? Most Definitely.

This is what happened the last time I tried to clean out my closet. The keep pile was far bigger than the donate pile. I have a problem. Don't judget me.

I've decided that I am going to attempt to do something. There is a high probability that I will in fact fail, but I am going to try it anyway. What is this thing that I'll most likely fail at, you ask? Well, I have decided that for the month of November, I am going to go on a self imposed shopping ban. Gasp, I know. Me, Leah, not shop? Has hell frozen over and is the zombie apocalypse upon us? No dear friends, it is not. I have just decided that I have lots of pretty things, some of which still have the tags left on them, and that I should probably wear them instead of always wanting more. I also know that this is completely unoriginal. I suppose the idea came from one of my favourite bloggers, Elizabeth Jayne Liu, the hilarious genius behind Flourish in Progress who went without shopping for a whole year. That's hardcore thug life right there. I know for an absolute fact that I would not be able to go a whole year without shopping, because let's be serious, I love pretty things far too much for that, and and I'm not that big of a masochist. So, I figure I'll go a month. A month of staying out of Anthropologie and J.Crew, and all my other favourite stores. A month of not buying new shades of nail polish and using the full bottles I already have, and a month of living frugally. That being said, there are some things on my list that I am going to allow myself to buy, just necessities and the like (unfortunately, leopard print booties are not a necessity), but that's it. It's time to give my credit card and bank account a little (much needed) vacation. So, wish me luck. I'm sure I'll be on here updating those of you who care as to whether I'm failing. Maybe if I give myself a prize as the end? But I feel like that kind of defeats the purpose of this little endeavour. We'll see.

So, this is probably the best thing to happen in music ever! At least for me! One of my all time favourite groups is back together! Rays of light shone down from heaven and a host of baby angels sang out hallelujah's at this news! I was seriously so bummed when The Hush Sound went on hiatus (which is really just a fancy word for "we can't stand the sight of each other anymore") and everyone went off to pursue solo stuff, which was always kind of shitty and just lacked the magic that The Hush Sound had as a group. So, you can all imagine my excitement when I read this article. I actually think I jumped out of my chair. Their last album was just kind of okay, but So Sudden and Like Vines have got to be two of my favourite albums of all time ever! This makes it very hard for me to pick just one song to share with you but I think I am going to share We Intertwined off of Like Vines, with you all today. I promise you'll love it, and then you can all be excited for the impending comeback of The Hush Sound!

Also, have a happy and safe Halloween everyone! I hope you all commit the sin of gluttony today!


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Muesday: I'm Not Actually Asian, and I am Completely Unqualified for This

Can I go back on vacation? Holy potatoes Batman. Work is going to be insane from now until December. But I will also learn a lot, and it's really interesting. Oral Question Period during session is amazing! All the MLA's go after each other. It's like a political soap opera and I love it. Also kind of unnerving is the fact that's it's now day 2 of session at almost 9 a.m. and I am sitting in 315 (the office of Senior Parliamentary Counsel and Director of House Services) in the Legislature Building all by myself. Talk about feeling slightly panicked! What if someone needs something? What if someone wants to table shit? I can't do this! I don't do Bills and Journals...oh wait, for now I do. Good God!

Also interesting this morning: a man from Hong Kong walked into my office and we chatted for a bit and they he says "hey, where abouts in Asia are you from?". Um, excuse me? I'm not actually Asian. This cute little man legitimately thought that I was from somewhere in Asia, possibly Japan. That was...interesting...

Speaking of vacation, here's a little hint where The Boy and I went:

It was amazing! I loved it. I would highly recommend that everyone go! And dare I say, I think I may have liked it better than New York? Gasp, I know. It has all the big city charms of NYC, but it's cleaner and less manic, and the trains are nicer and don't have the same strong urine smell, and the people are just nicer. Not to mention the shopping. While in the long run I don't think it has better or more shopping per se, I do think that it gives NYC a run for its money. Michigan Avenue was awesome, as was State Street. Also awesome about Chicago: the pizza. I love pizza with all of my heart, well, actually I just really love melted cheese. Being lactose intolerant makes this torrid love affair very awkward and uncomfortable for both myself and those around me, but thanks to the invention of a lovely little lactose pill, I was able to enjoy proper Chicago deep dish pizza. It was glorious. The Boy is a foodie and wanted to eat at all these fancy/hipstery restaurants, which we did, but at the end of the day, I could have eaten pizza for 4 days straight and been perfectly okay with that. However, The Boy would have been less than impressed with that scenario, and he was very patient with my insatiable need to shop, so I indulged him. If you're ever in Chicago you have to eat at this great little place called The Purple Pig. Not a super great restaurant if you're a vegetarian like myself, but delicious and definitely worth breaking your dietary rules for. It was super tastey. Also good was Table 52. It was in this little converted carriage house of a giant run down mansion. Weird, but lovely. Plus, they had THE BEST biscuts I've ever tasted. I actually think I said screw the meal, I just wanna eat biscuts all night. The trip was sadly much too short, and like I said earlier, I wish I could go back on vacation. Oh well, this just means that I get to start planning my next getaway.

While I was in Chicago, I also had the opportunity to see both The XX and The Smashing Pumpkins (well really just Billy Corgan because he's the only original member) in concert. The Boy looks for any excuse to go see shows and Chicago was a great excuse. Both shows were amazing for different reasons. Smashing Pumpkins was great because they played their entire new album, a Bowie cover (I'll give 3 gold stars to whoever guesses which one they played) and about 11 old Pumpkins songs. It was also great because Billy got really really fat. I'm serious. His shirt didn't even cover his belly. I mean, I know it's been like a really long time, but come on Billy! There's no need to let yourself go! Get yourself to the gym! The XX were pretty good too, but holy hipster central. I've never seen so many hipsters all crammed into one room before. It was actually quite comical, but they probably thought that it was ironic. Fucking hipsters. Anyway, I am not going to share a Smashing Pumpkins song with you, nor am I going to share a song by The XX. No friends, today I am going to share a lovely little song called Home by Gabrielle Aplin, because as awesome as vacation is, being home is also pretty great. I really hope you all enjoy this one! It's one of my current favs!

Have a lovely Wednesday duckies! Until next time!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Muesday: In Which I Get Kicked Out Yet Again

Well, I can add one more place to the list of establishments/locations that I have been kicked out of: The Cross Cancer Institute. I think this is the one case where I am completely, 100% okay with being kicked out. I don't know if you guys know this, but cancer hospitals are basically the most depressing place on the face of the planet. Everyone is always so quiet and scared, and it's very draining on you, especially if you're an outgoing asshole like myself, who makes inappropriate cancer jokes, and rants about all the different labels that get applied to people because of cancer (but that dear friends, is a rant for a different time and a different place). Needless to say I am pretty pumped about only having to go back for MRI's everyone once in a while. However, while I am elated, the little hypochondriac in me is freaking out just a little bit. It's kind of like that feeling when you are a little kid and you're standing at the edge of the high dive looking down at the water below you. You're terrified and have been psyching yourself up to actually jumping, but when that moment arrives and you're standing on the precipice of the unknown, you honestly don't know what to do. It's a really weird feeling, and I am probably not doing a very good of explaining it. I hope this makes sense...maybe?

Keeping on with the goodness of this week, The Boy and I are heading off on a little vacation. Unfortunately it isn't some place warm with beaches and sand, but it does include two concerts and a whole whack of shopping. The Boy just laughs when I mention shopping because I don't think he really knows what he's gotten himself into. Is he ever in for a rude awakening. He says he's made us an itinerary, which is great because I can barely handle my life on a day to day basis, so it's nice to know that he has some kind of contingency plan in place, but I doubt he will have prepared enough for the hours, nay, DAYS that will be spent in and out of lovely stores that are only available in the states. It's also a good thing that he continues to be the grown up in our relationship.

Now this week I am giong to share with you all a lovely little band that I randomly discovered last week. They are called The Paper Kites and hail from Australia. I don't know why I don't listen to more Australian artists because I am never disappointed when eventually stumble acroos their music. The Paper Kites are definitely up there for me with Tin Sparrow and Boy and Bear. Just so much awesomeness! So, today I am going to share a lovely little ditty called Bloom of of their latest EP Woodland. It's just a sweet song so I hope you all enjoy it!

Until next time lovelies!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Muesday: I am Terrified for the Future of Humanity

Hi friends,

So I am endeavouring to be less of a failure this week. I am going to be a good almost adult and find a better balance in my life.

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, and I tried my hand at cooking. And by tried my hand at cooking, I mean I peeled potatoes while watching my mum create magic at making delicious food. Honestly, I don't think I will ever be able to cook like that. She's amazeballs. Basically, I made my inner fat kid really happy and spent a wonderful long weekend with my family. Now, in this family time, we went to go see the movie End of Watch. It was actually pretty good. There was a lot of gratuitous violence, and Jake Gyllenhall, what's not to like?! Now, I wouldn't classify this movie as child appropriate. I wouldn't even classify it as being appropriate for audiences under 18. There are some pretty mature themes, like drugs and human trafficking and murder and lots of swearing. I don't know who in their right mind would think that a movie in which every second word of the dialogue is fuck or shit would think that this is appropriate for children. But I kid you not, sitting in the theatre I noticed that there were several children sitting with their parents. One little girl couldn't have been older than 6. At first I thought perhaps they accidentally went to the wrong theatre, that they had taken a wrong turn on their way to Hotel Transylvania or Frankenweinie. But no, no they didn't. Now I think that it's just so wrong to expose young children to these things. They aren't mature enough to understand what's going on and if they see their parents enjoying a movie with a scene in which the police find several people tortured and dismembered in a house, they might think that it's okay for people to do this. It's not. It's categorically wrong, and it makes me wrong that some parents are complete fuck ups and think that this is okay. I look at these people and I can't help but be terrified for the future of humanity.

I don't know what it is about the fall that makes me obsess with lovely songs. Tristan Prettyman's Say Anything is only one of those songs. It's kind of sappy, but absolutely gorgeous. It's off her newest album, and it just makes me so happy and gives me the warm and fuzzies. I don't know why I think of cold days snuggled up under the blankets watching my favourite movie and drinking cup after cup of delicious David's Tea (I'm for serious, the organic stormy night is like heaven in a cup). It's kind of like the perfect fall song in opinion. And because I'm not going to be a failure this week, I am going to share it with you right now.

Until next time lovelies!


Friday, 5 October 2012

Better Late Than Never?

Hello friends,

I'm so terribly sorry that this post is coming so late and not on its regularly scheduled Tuesday. I've been super busy and kind of sick, and by kind of sick, I think I've got the black lung. So by the end of my exhausting days all I want to do is go home, take off all my stuffy work clothes, sit in sweat pants and watch trashy TV. And in the midst of all that I totally forgot to post shit that only I think is interesting/funny. I'm a terrible person I know. My life is already promising to be get busier from here. On the plus side, I get not one but two offices, in a super old building that is probably haunted. I think that's the only plus side though. I haven't quite decided yet.

You know that feeling of excitement you get when you have a trip planned and the closer and closer to your departure date that you get, the more excited you are? Like so excited that it's hard to sleep, and all you want to do is leave right now because you legitimately haven't taken time off all summer and you just want to get your shop on excites? Ya that's the boat I am currently in. I'm leaving on a little vacation in 2 weeks time and I just want it to be right now. I need a break! I need time to breath, even if that means that I have to pack (which I HATE doing with every fibre of my being). The Boy and I are taking a little trip that promises to be filled with good music, great food and even better shopping. In exchange for going to see the Smashing Pumpkins (of which I am not a huge fan), The Boy has promised me that I can go to all the shopping places on my list. Little does he know that vacations usually turn into ginormous shopping trips where I spend a lot of money on things that I don't particularly need, but can't resist because I have a minor shopping/clothes hoarding problem. Don't judge. Some people are addicted to drugs, and weird things like sleeping with their hair dryer, or pretending to be a toddler even though they are a grown man, and I'm addicted to pretty things. It happens. Also, my new big kid job doesn't help this. Anyway, I want to go right now. Patience is not a virtue that I possess and it's really difficult for me to wait. Oh well, only two more weeks!

Also, can I just say that the month of October needs a good punch in the throat. I'm being 100% serious. I hate the month of October with a passion, and I wouldn't be overly bothered if it just decided to fuck right off and die. More on this later.

So, I've been kind of obsessed with Imagine Dragons album Night Visions as of late. I randomly heard the song It's Time on a rare occasion in which I actually was listening to the radio, and I thought to myself "hey, this is actually pretty good". So I went home and downloaded the album, and I am so happy I did. The whole thing is amazing, and has been on repeat ever since. Finally a band out of Las Vegas that actually sounds good (let's face it, The Killers have sucked hard on every album they've produced after Hot Fuss). So I figure today, because I've failed big time at updating my lovely little blog as of that I would buy everyone's love and affection by sharing It's Time with you all. Let's face it, I will probably continue to fail you all, but hey, at least I'm consistent! You'll really like it I promise!

Until next time my doves!

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers and friends!


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Muesday: Just Because I'm Pretending to be an Adult Doesn't Mean I Have to Dress Like One

Hi Friends!

Well, another Tuesday has come and gone and I don't know where time went. My life seems to be moving at warp speed, but that's a good thing. My calendar came out (go and buy it if you haven't already) and I started a brand new job. Holy potatoes, information overload. I get to work in the morning and the next thing I know it's freaking 4 pm. I won't lie, last week I had a bit of a breakdown. I honestly don't know why the chose to hire me. Obviously they think I'm qualified, even though I think that I am grossly under-qualified for this job. I also have to say that it's really super awesome when I'm asked to do something by someone who doesn't think it's necessary to give you any description of what they want done. Needless to say I was a little lost, but it's getting better. I definitely know that I am going to love this new job and that I am going to learn an incredible amount.

Also, can I just say that adult clothes are boring. Why is it that people dress in blacks and navys and gross khaki (the colour God forgot. Is it brown, is it cream? It's a hot mess) colours when it comes to "professional dress"? Seriously! Just because you're all important and have an impressive  degree doesn't mean you should be boring. Hello! The way you dress is how you want people to see you. I just don't understand why being a grown up requires boring clothes. I work with a bunch of lawyers, and I have been at my new job for 5 days and I can tell you that I am by far the most colourful person in my office. Yesterday it was fuchsia, today bright red. I love printed dress pants and bright colours, and don't see how they're not professional. If they aren't something I would wear on the weekend and are legitimate dress pants there shouldn't be a problem. Plus, the dress code doesn't specifically say that printed dress pants and bright colours aren't allowed. It just says that you should dress in a professional manner that allows you to do your job. Interpretation is 99% of the law, at least that's what I think, and considering I work with lawyers, they can't exactly fault me for that way of thinking. Just because I'm pretending to be an adult doesn't mean I have to dress like one. Colours, prints and patterns for everyone!

This week is hard when it comes to music. There are a lot of great albums that are coming out next Tuesday, but this Tuesday had it's own gems. The new Mumford & Sons album came out, which is pretty awesome, but I was way more excited for Jenn Grant's new album. It's called The Beautiful Wild, and the whole thing is just amazing. I'm really finding that I getting back into listening to my beloved Canadian artists which makes Jenn's new album that much better for me. Today I am going to share with you the song that I had on repeat all day. It's called In the Belly of a Dragon. I hope you all enjoy it!

Later days duckies!


Thursday, 20 September 2012


Hello friends!

Guess what I have in my hot little hands?! The Pink Ribbon Pin Up 2013 calendar!!! It's absolutely AMAZING! And if I haven't said it enough, everyone needs to go out and buy it right now!!!! You can get them at your local Canada Safeway, and they will be available online in November!

Yes, that's me, sans clothing. There is nothing I won't do to raise breast cancer awareness

My awesome cuteness alone should be the motivation to go and buy it...that and the fact that 100% of the proceeds go to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation! It's only $10.99, which is basically two cups of Starbucks. Surely you all can contribute to breast cancer research because let's face it, cancer is an asshole. So, let's all give it a swift kick in the balls by buying this calendar!

My government issue boobs thank each and every one of you for your support!

Love and Unicorns!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Muesday: I'm Beginning to Think That Learning Latin Instead of French Wasn't The Best Idea

Bonjour mon amis!

Guess where I went!? It's old, historic, and beautiful! Any guesses? Okay fine, I'll tell you. I'm was in Montreal! And I loved it! Ever the city girl, it has everything that I could ever ask for in a city! History, architecture, shopping, food, and it seems like it's forever on the go! It has this old world charm that places like Edmonton are sorely lacking! Even though it was a whirlwind work trip, it's still gorgeous! I most definitely want to go back and explore the city on my own time with my own agenda. And also have time to shop. That would be amazing. I went for a conference about young breast cancer survivors. Basically, it was me and 5 other survivors put in a room with a whole lotta smart people. Not that I'm not smart. Let's be serious, I'm a genius and can tell you anything you want to know about history. But these people are like scary smart...and lack the social skills to prove it. While it was a really interesting conference, I basically had to bully my way into conversations, which is totally fine because I'm pushy like that, and my input was ignored by researchers who would rather spend another $25 billion dollars doing the same thing that they have been doing. There were points where I really questioned why I was there, and then I drank some more wine and didn't care. Speaking of wine, did you know that apparently hotels lock up their food? Did you also know that they do this at 8 o'clock at night? Did you also know that if you stay at Le Westin in Old Montreal that you could possibly be eating the half eaten platter of cheese that was previously partially devoured by breast cancer survivors and some other really smart people that included the adorable Dr. Malcolm Pike who is as old as the dawn of time, who is being held together by Jesus and Duct Tape? I know you're making a gross face right now. Who would want a half eaten cheese platter? Better yet, who locks up cheese? And also, don't lie to me and tell me that the kitchen is closed at 8pm. You're a big hotel in a big city, and I have been in and around enough of those (I'm a hotel snob, it happens, don't judge me) to know that your kitchens don't close at 8 on a Thursday night. That's bullshit. I won't apologize for showing you the flaw in your logic, because let's face it, that was pretty stupid. It also doesn't matter that I don't eat cheese, or dairy for that matter. I still argued with you because it was the principle of the matter, and also because my surivivor friends wanted that damn cheese platter, becuase we were the only ones who didn't want to go to bed at 9. Needless to say, the guy who worked at the hotel that had to deal with us was not pleased. I'm also pretty sure he was calling us "crazy bitches" in french, in his head. One thing I did learn from this trip though, apart from silly hotel practices and that cancer researchers only care about science and money, is that me learning Latin as my second language instead of French may have been a poor life choice. Don't get me wrong, I love Latin, but being in a predominantly French speaking province has made me question this. Perhaps this just means that I will have to learn another language. I can probably get behind that....

Speaking of breast cancer (I know, it's such an uplifting and lovely topic), guess what comes out today?! No it's not the new Killers album (which I am sure is going to be a colossal disappointment just like every other Killers album that came out after Hot Fuss). It's the Pink Ribbon Pin Up 2012 Calendar! If you haven't been following along like good boys and girls, the Pink Ribbon Pin Up Calendar features a whole slew of breast cancer surivivors as pin up girls, and yours truly is the scandalous and scantily clad (not even that) Miss March! You can buy them at your local Canada Safeway, and online here (starting November). And best of all, all the proceeds go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Now, I'm expecting that upon reading this all of you are going to jump up and race out to pick one up, and if you don't, I may have to come and persuade you, with golf clubs.  Here's look at the behind the scenes footage of the shoot (I may or may not make a couple appearances!!)

But before you go, I have music to share with you all!

I've shared Rah Rah with you all before, however, they have a new album coming out and I am beyond excited! I really like how the two singles that they have released sound, and I just can't help but share them again. Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, they bring a prairies perspective to their music, which is why I am going to share their single Prairie Girl with you all today. And since I was just in Montreal, it reminds me that I am really a prairie girl at heart.

I hope you all enjoyed that! Now you can go out and buy the calendar!

Peace and Love!


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Muesday: Someone Do This For Me

There is nothing I hate more than packing for a trip. And there is nothing worse than packing for a trip when you are sick and all you want to do is lay in your cozy, blue, giant ruffled bed and watch re-runs of American Dreams with Brittany Snow. Seriously, that's all I want to do. Everything hurts. The people on my flight tomorrow are in for a real treat, and by treat I mean that I will be a cranky, sick and sore mess, and am likely to unleash unnatural rage/displeasure on random and probably innocent people.

I am just too much of a indecisive person to be responsible for packing my own clothes. I just need someone to come in, go through my closet, put together outfits and pack them up. It's really quite simple if you think about it. And even though I know what the weather is going to be like, which is a hell of a lot nicer than it is here, I still can't decide. What makes it harder is that it's for work, which means business casual, which means that I have to put together pieces that actually reflect well on my job. Ugh. Seriously, so not into this right now. Maybe I'll brush up on my history for my trip instead of packing. Anyone want to take a guess as to where I'm headed? 3 gold stars and a chocolate bunny for anyone who gets it right!

Yet another event in which I fail as an adult.

So, the boy gave me a lovely gift the other day. It was quite possibly one of the nicest things that I have been given in a long time (don't worry though, it doesn't beat the monogrammed Cambridge Satchel that he gave me not so long ago). He gave me a whole bunch of music to listen to. He's basically and English music junkie, which compliments me being a Canadian music junkie. I'm not even kidding. His place is overflowing with albums, because unlike normal people who just download their music, he insists on buying, that's right buying all his music. All I do is shake my head and laugh, because really, in the end, I am benefiting from his mild musical hoarding problem. So I have slowly but surely gone through some of what he has lent me, and I have decided that I really really like Band of Skulls. I'd heard of them before, but being the singer/songwriter/alternative music loving girl I am, didn't give them a fair chance. But that's all changed now, because I love them! So today, I am going to share with you The Devil Takes Care of His Own. Big props go out to The Boy for this one!

Until next time mon cheries!


Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Mild Flirtation

 Vegan Pumpkin Spice Muffins!

I'm involved in a mild flirtation. Before you get your knickers in a knot, crying "for shame Leah! What about that awesome boyfriend of yours?!", let me set the record straight. I'm mildly flirting with veganism, and I'm contemplating making the switch to become a  full blown vegan. I haven't quite decided yet though, so I figured I'd start off small. You know, by doing some vegan baking, and cutting out as much dairy as possible. Baby steps. I do have to say though, that vegan baked goods are delicious! Ya, I see all those grossed out faces, but you're just going to have to trust me on that one. I love it. I became enamored with it a while a go when I was in New York and I discovered Babycakes NYC. It was like paradise! Nut free, (mostly) gluten free, dairy free and processed sugar free, so basically Leah Friendly. And it was all delicious. Actually Babycakes haunts my dreams. So needless to say I was ecstatic when I found out about the Babycakes cookbooks and finally decided to pick them up. And today, I decided to try them out. I made vegan pumpkin spice muffins, and for someone who is basically a walking domestic danger, they turned out pretty okay! More than Okay actually, at least according to my sister who is also flirting with veganism and who has actually cut out all dairy, who gave them a thumbs up. I then progressed to the vanilla cupcakes which, apart from red velvet, are pretty much my one of my favourite things in the whole world. They also turned out well, but the icing was a different story. I have never, NEVER, made anything so gross! I know if fucked up too, but I'm not sure where or how and it was just a disaster. I am an icing failure. It sounds like that would be kind of hard to do, but let me tell you it's not. Luckily for me, my mother came in and save the day. I think it's mostly because she was getting sick of her kitchen looking like a war zone, which happens every time I get delusions of grandeur and bake. Look at me and my kind of life skills! Gold star!

So, if you have any thoughts or advice or whatever on being vegan, do share! I like to thoroughly research things, so the more information I have the better!

Thanks for reading duckies!


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Muesday: The Last Vestiges of Summer

Not that I really have to tell anyone, unless you live under a rock or are a castaway and don't have access to a calendar, but it's now the beginning September. That means that summer is officially over. But you know what, I'm not entirely sad about that. I love the fall, and I just so happen to live in one of the most gorgeous cities for fall. The Edmonton River Valley turns all these gorgeous reds and oranges and yellows, with a few smatterings of green, as leaves try in vain to hold on to the last vestiges of summer. I don't even care that the weather gets colder, mostly because that means that I can break out all my cute winter clothes from the back of my closet. There is just something about the fall that makes me so happy. Chunky knit sweaters, the last days of walking around the downtown farmers market, with steaming cups of coffee, holding hands, with just a teasing of snow in the air. I just love it. My fall is promising to be amazing. Busy, but amazing. It's the first fall in as many years that I am not going back to school. It's so strange, and I don't know exactly how I feel about this. On the one hand, I am kind of excited to have time to do things that I like to do, instead of being a constant slave to my day planner. It will be nice to read for fun (even though most of what I read is still of the academic history variety (let's be serious, I could never take popular history seriously)), and it will be fun to travel a little bit without having to worry about not being able to finish an assignment. So really, taking a break is a good thing. And while I realize that it will only be a short break (I have plans of going back next fall), and that I am kind of excited, I am still sad though. I'm sad because I will miss the learning (I like to know and learn all the things), and being on campus and doing all the readings and all the discussions, and using my critical thinking skills. But, I really don't think that you can ever stop learning, and University will always be there. So, I will sit, and I will wait and will love it that much more when I go back.

Speaking of the last vestiges of summer, on Sunday, I went to Sonic Boom, which is this awesome, one day outdoor music festival in Edmonton. Despite the cold, windy and rainy weather it was amazing. I had so much fun. There was so much great music that it was a little ridiculous. MUTEMATH, Fun., The Joy Formidable, Young the Giant, and the Silversun Pickups all played before the piece de resistance that was Linkin Park, came on stage. I have liked Linkin Park since I was like 13, and the fact that they had never been to Edmonton before made it that much better. Although, I do have say, thank goodness The Boy came with me, otherwise I would have been crushed. He did a good job, along with this really nice giant of a man (he honestly had to be 7 feet tall) and his super nice girlfriend (who was also quite statuesque) of making sure I didn't die. This is not me being melodramatic either. He pushed people and made sure I didn't get kicked in the head by crowd surfers. He did ask me a couple of times if I would prefer moving, considering I was adamant that we be in the thick of things, and I know that if worse came to worse, he would have picked me up and physically removed me from any potentially dangerous sittuations. I still maintain that I could have held my own though. I did have to kick a man, and I most definitely utilized my elbows, which found homes in a couple of kidneys though. So despite the brutal weather weather, it was amazing! I bet you're all thinking that I'm going to share a Linkin Park track with you all for Muesday today, but you'd be wrong. While Linkin Park was amazing, I would have to say that my favourite show of the whole day was The Joy Formidable. They were so entertaining, and it was an added bonus that I have liked them for quite some time. Not to mention, for a three piece, they make A LOT of noise. And by noise, I mean so loud that I could feel the reverberations in my chest. Now that is what I call good music. Now, I could share with you one of their most popular songs, but I'm not. Sure Whirring is amazing, and let's not forget End Tapes that made it onto one of the Twilight Soundtracks (I hate Twilight, but I will admit that they put together a mean soundtrack), but neither of those songs would be my favourite. My favourite is this awesome little ditty called Cradle, and I was beyond excited when they played it Sunday. If you haven't heard of The Joy Formidable before now, all I have to say is for shame, and that you should probably go out and get their album as soon as possible!!!

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Until next time my loves!


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Muesday: The Most Excting Day In Music!

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: being concise is hard. Why say something in 5 words when you can turn it into a well crafted thing of beauty? Also, how can you possibly prove a point or win an argument with a sparse amount of words?! You just can't. If there is one thing that my fancy history degree taught me, is that the bigger the word count the better. I don't even remember the last time I wrote something under 50 pages...Anyway, I digress. While I normally conform to the idea that a well argued point with lots of evidence and a giant list of footnotes is the way to go, I do recognize that sometimes, being concise is okay. Like today.

Today is the day that I have been waiting for all summer. 28 August 2012. Arbitrary I know. What's so special about some idle Tuesday, other than the fact that it's one day closer to the ever looked forward to September Long Weekend? Well my friends the answer to that is simple, and it's only 2 words: Infinity Overhead. Ya that's right. Doesn't make much sense right. It will soon, and by soon, I mean now, make sense.

The new album from one of my most favourite bands in the history of ever came out today! And it's called Infinity Overhead. My love of Minus the Bear came from one of my ex's. While he was a pretty crappy boyfriend, he had superb taste in music, and one good thing that came from our rather disastrous relationship was Minus the Bear. I can't claim to have been a die hard fan from the beginning because that would be a lie, but I can claim to have faithfully been a giant fan since I was introduced to them. I know that I have shared the wonderfulness that is Minus the Bear, but I HAVE to share again because I love them that much and because this is practically the best day since a really long time! So here is Steel and Blood from the brand spanking new album Infinity Overhead. Also, go out and buy the album right now!!!

Until next time my loves!


P.S. See, I told you being concise was hard

Thursday, 23 August 2012

So, This Happened...

Seriously, this is nauseating

I like to be on top of my current events, which is why I read at least 4 different news papers from around the world, every day. I think this stems from my desire to know all the things. Plus, I really like to be right...all the time and being informed really makes this possible. Now, I know that news sources have to print the fluff pieces along with their hard hitting stories, but since when was announcing the engagement of Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne considered news worthy? Like who really cares if music's ugliest man from what is probably the most annoying band in the history of ever (with the exception of Metronomy and their female drummer that looks like a ginger Adam Sandler in a dress), and Canada's resident miscreant wannabe punk rock princess with a Peter Pan complex, not unlike Michael Jackson's, are engaged? I most certainly don't. I don't even care for their music, and quite frankly think that Canada has a plethora of way more talented musicians that are severely under recognized. But imagine my frustration when I open up my news sites, and all I see is that Chad and Avril are getting hitched. This is unimportant people! No one cares! There are more important things to report, like how Gambia is going to execute all of it's death row inmates by mid-September, which is very concerning for human rights advocates, or the fact that there is currently a "legitimate" moron running for congress in the United States, and that his "misspoken" comments have made people outraged as far away as Africa. Let's also not forget the fact that there is that whole Eurozone crisis that seems to be fucking things up pretty bad all over the world. But no, those things aren't important. What's important is the size of the ring that Kroeger proposed with, and how it's such a complete shock, given that no one knew that they were actually dating. News flash, people didn't know because they don't actually care. It's just so confusing to me as to why people actually want to know this. I mean, let's face it, they will get married, and becuase they're both type A personalities who need constant validation of their wonderfulness, which neither of them can give each other, they will eventually divorce. The whole world will be SHOCKED! Just so shocked, and then all the papers will report are the dirty details of what will probably be a very public divorce.

It's a vicious cycle. Dammit.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Muesday: The Situation and Pauly D of Politics

This post comes on the heels of Todd Akin's terrifying rape comments. It makes me think that American politics are kind of like watching a really bad, super trashy reality television series. I mean, you've got Mitt "the Robot" Romney, with his weird hand gestures, and hair line that doesn't ever move and his $8 million dollar Italian leather shoes, and his creepy army of sons, to his running mate Paul Ryan, who seems to have borrowed every single dickey that Howard Wolowitz owns from The Big Bang Theory in all of the pictures I have seen of him. Like honestly, it's like they're the Situation and Pauly D of politics. Hilarious, while at the same time pathetic and sad. It's sad because one the one hand I can't believe that people like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and Todd Akin actually exist in the 21st century. I'm sorry Todd, but I think you need to go back to high school biology, because last time I checked, a woman's uterus doesn't just "shut that whole thing down". The simple fact that morons like this are running, or at least trying to run America is truly frightening. I'm also pretty sure that this is the complete opposite of progress. Next thing you know, the Republican party will take back women's rights to vote, becuase you know, all the men have come back from the war and can now make all the sound political decision (note the sarcasm). Now, I'm no fancy politition, but I would also like to offer some (logical) advice to Mitt Romney: trickle down economics didn't work for Reagan, and it certainly won't work for you. It's kind like every time someone has invaded Russia: it never works, lots of people die, and you starve to death because of that crazy scorched earth policy. You should start being nice to the middle classes Mitt, and spend less time insulting every single European nation you visit, and talking about how rich you are and how much your handmade Italian leather shoes cost. Statements like those aren't going to endear you to blue collar workers, or anyone who is finding the current economic atmosphere difficult to navigate. I'm not saying that Canadian politics and the leaders of political parties are without flaws, and most Canadians will agree with me. I'm just saying that American politics are that much more flawed and terrifying. Also, perhaps more voters would turn out to vote if the Presidential race was done like American Idol. More people vote for the next American Idol than they do President, which is just mind boggling to me. Think about it: how hilariously awesome would the Presidential Election be if it were based on looks and personality and some semblance of talent, rather than politics and moral values, and economics!? Oh wait...

I would also like to apologize for the lateness of this post, because I do recognize that it is in fact, Wednesday. I know I normally post on Tuesdays, but I had a technology fail yesterday. The internet was down all day where I live, which meant that I couldn't post this wonderful post for all you lovely readers. I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. I also didn't realize how completely dependent on the internet and technoloy I am until I had to go without it. Anyway, I have some music for you all. It's calle Sunlight by a lovely artist that goes by the name of Helena. It's just a single so far as I can tell, but I am quite excited for her full length album. So, enjoy this little nugget of goodness and have a fantastic Wednesday!

Until next time duckies!


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Muesday: Keeping Up The Charade

Hi friends! That fall is imminent and things are happening and I have decided that I am going to keep up this charade of being an adult for a little longer. This mostly stems from my love of pretty things and shoes. I know for a fact that The Boy will be happy about this. It might mean that I actually act like an adult instead of a child trapped in an adults body. It might also help the fact that it looks like he's dating a 12 year old (it's the height thing. He's very tall and I am very tiny). It's definitely not what I had in mind for myself for the fall, however, life works in funny ways, and I am sure that I had in mind will come around. I'm choosing to think of this extended period of adulthood as like a spy adventure. I'm like James Bond without the gratuitous violence and with better boobs...

Also exciting, remember that time I was like, "hey, I'm in a calendar", well, I have the date when it's going to be launched! Keep your eyes peeled after 18 September, and you can pick up your very own Pink Ribbon Pin Up Calendar with yours truly as Miss March (bubbles included).

Also also, one of the things that are happening is that Bust a Move is starting up again, and I can't even begin to tell you all how excited I am to be on the committee again. You can bet your bottom dollars that I will be talking about this A LOT as we get closer and closer to the second annual awesomeness that is Bust a Move!

So, I kind of went on a music bender the other day and bought a whole swack of new wonderful songs! One that stumbled upon is by a band called Rococode. They are made up of the odds and ends that was the rhythm section of Tegan & Sara and one of my all time favourite bands, Said The Whale. Upon my first couple of listens, I thought they were basically trying to be Mother Mother, but then I started to notice all the subtle things about their album, and decided that it is actually quite distinct and very well done. Empire is probably by far the best song on the whole album, so with that in mind, I share with you Empire off the record Guns, Sex and Glory. 

Have a wonderful week duckies!


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Muesday: Look At the Damn Camera!

I follow a lot of blogs, and the majority of them are fashion blogs. I love to see how creative people can get with their clothes and accessories, not to mention one of my good friends has a neat little blog about all the pretty things, along with this really great one (I can forgive her because she is amazing). But there is something that really bothers me about some of these blogs that I follow, and that's the fact that a lot of these girls never look at the damn camera. Oh, they look off into the distance with their red lipstick and hipter bangs and glasses, with their high waisted pants, and panama hats, and sometimes they get crazy and look down at their shoes, just to make sure that they're still there, but never at the camera. Oh. My. God. Would it kill you to actually look at the lense and smile?! I get that you want to be creative and artsy and look like someone with an expensive camera just stumbled across you, stylishly dressed and walking nonchalantly past this wall covered in graffiti. You think it's avant garde and chic but guess what, it's annoying! I don't need to see a million pictures of you grasping one lock of your hair, with your feet in a pigeon toed pose, wearing tights with your high waisted denim shorts (hey, the 80's called and wants it's mom jeans back). I'm not taking aim at anyone in particular here, but honestly, in a quest for individualism they actually all the look the same. If I could actually look at a picture and see your eyes, perhaps I wouldn't be so enraged when you look longingly off into the distance, or take another freaking picture of your generic Starbucks latte on Instagram, just so you can show off your cheap jewelry. Yes, I realize that there is a simple fix, that I could just not follow these blogs, but it's not that simple. I blame my inner optimist. Everytime I log in to see what's new with all the blogs I follow, I am cautiously optimistic, that today might actually be the day that I look at these fashion blogs, and that they will all be looking at the camera, making the outfits they are wearing actually nice because they are showing a bit of their personalities. I am almost always disappointed. Guess what ladies, you don't have access to sets, and world renowned photographers, and you aren't models, so stop being stupid. Look at the damn camera!

Now, enough crazy for a moment, and on to some music. I have a mad love for anything that incorporates the banjo, and bonus points for the mandolin and the fiddle. I just can't help myself. I think it goes hand in hand with my secret prairie girl shameful love of certain country songs. It's my inner hillbilly I guess. So because of this mad love, I am sharing with you all today Annabelle Lee by Sarah Jarosz. She is a prodigy on both the banjo and the mandolin and managed to take one of Edgar Allan Poe's great works and turn it into a great little song. I can't get enough of her album Follow Me Down, and I highly recommend it, especially if you love the banjo as much as I do.

Until next time lovelies!


Sunday, 5 August 2012

In Which My Mouth Once Again Got the Better of Me

Something happened to me a few nights ago that hasn't happened in a really really long time. I got kicked out of my soccer game. Red carded and told to leave the field. I was livid. Now I am normally the smallest person on the field, so I get pushed around a lot, but I usually hold my own. I can give it as good as I get it. I can also be pretty mouthy when I want to be, but the thing with soccer is that you can get kicked out for excessive language, so you have to be careful, which is why I learned to swear in other languages. However, sometimes I forget and my mouth gets the better of me, as is the case with my game on Thursday. But I still maintain that I was in the right. Here's what went down:

We were playing this team called the Cougars for the second time. The first time we played them they were a real treat. When teams aren't overly skilled they usually resort to excessive force and violence. Not to mention that they were mouthier than I am on a good day. Now there was this one girl who took the cake. Psychotic is a mild term to describe her. She's about 3 inches taller than me and about a million and twelve times more violent. She would trip and push and be overly aggressive when the ball was no where near her. She also really liked to utter threats of bodily harm and violence. My favourite line of hers from that first game was one she told my coach, something along the lines of "I'm going to slit your throat". Ya, a real gem. Not to mention she has this absolutely ridiculous and laughable tattoo that says "Fancy" up her arm. She is anything but fancy. So you can imagine my sheer delight (read displeasure) at the thought of having to play them again. The first 35 minutes of the first half went well. We were up 2-0 and it was looking like we'd be up by 3 before the half was over, and I was having a pretty solid game. So this crazy chick gets the ball and I'm defending and instead of using skill to get around me, she uses her fist. In my face. My response: "watch your fucking fists. This is soccer, we don't use our hands". She was less than impressed by this judging by her eloquent response. I left it alone, I just wanted to play the game. So I'm running back to get goal side of her, and we jostle each other. It happens. However, she lost her shit. She freaked and shouted "is that how you want to play bitch?!" and then proceeded to grab me around the waist, pick me up off the ground like some WWE wrestler with a steroid problem, and slam me to the ground. I was shocked, and angry. What made me angrier was after the ref blew the whistle, she threw up her hands and had the audacity to plead her innocence. I lost it right then and there with an emphatic "You've got to be fucking kidding me?!" Apparently swearing is worse than slamming someone into the ground and being a violent douche canoe because I got kicked out for my little outburst. I was so angry over this that I was shaking. And because of my red card, I had to leave the field. I snatched up my things, and marched away, yelling at The Boy "Get your things, we're leaving!". I'm sure that was a really great first game for him to watch.

Now normally when you get red carded, at least with club soccer, there's a disciplinary hearing and you miss the next game. But I think the ref realized what a psychopath she was and gave me a pass. He basically "forgot" about my red card by the end of the game. So, even though he was a hapless idiot who was too fat to even call offsides, he still gets a thumbs up from me. Plus, it's probably for the best that I got ejected because if one of us hadn't a lot worse would have happened...she'd probably be in jail for aggravated assault.

So the moral of the story boys and girls is a) be a good sport and save your meth rages for a time off the soccer field b) never get the gaint word "Fancy" tattooed on your arm because you look like an idiot and people will forever make fun of your stupidity c) always remember how to swear in other languages so when you do have an outburst you don't get kicked out of your game...this is also because it's easier than just trying not to swear.

Until next time lovelies.


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Muesday: Time Is A Very Fluid Concept for Me

Anyone who knows me on any level knows that time is a very fluid concept for me. Lateness is a chronic problem. I know it's terrible, and I know that I should try harder to be on time, but it's just so difficult. I'm usually at least 10 minutes late for anything, rushing in breathlessly, with a Starbucks latte in my hand, purse flying about me, and my giant sunglasses perched precariously on my head (wow, that sounds kind of glamorous...I assure you, it's not). My chronic lateness is why all of my clocks are fast. There have been countless people who have been in my car, looked at the clock and freaked out because of the time. My response: "Oh don't worry, that's not right. My clock is 23 minutes fast". Nothing says trying to be on time like arbitrary numbers. But the problem with setting all my clocks fast, is that I inevitably figure it out, and that just sees me saying "oh, I have 23 minutes, that's loads of time". This is a problem and I feel slightly bad about it. It's a good thing The Boy has infinite amounts of patience (and believe me, patience is something that anyone needs when around me). He came with me to a BBQ last week, and I was an hour late going to get him. He was awesome though, and rewarded what I hope is my endearing lateness and cuteness with a present. And not just any present. A monogrammed, lavender Cambridge Satchel. Just because. I still don't understand how someone so awesome has the wherewithal to deal with me on a daily basis. I'm not complaining.

So, how about those Olympics? Can I make a confession right now? I actually like the Winter Olympics much better than the Summer Olympics apart from the soccer, which they don't show, which is infuriating and makes me want to throw things!? How can you not televise the best sport in the world?! It's mind boggling! Granted they do show most of the qualifying rounds. But with that being said, I am quite enjoying them. Mostly because I think that the athletes are amazing, and for the male swimmers and divers...also the water polo players. Holy crap! They have THE NICEST bodies I have ever seen. It's insane!!!! Anyway, to celebrate these lovely London Olympics, I am sharing with you an artists straight out of West London. Lady Sovereign is kind of amazing because she is an artist in a style of music that is dominated by men. I also adore her because she's little just like me. So enjoy My England, of of Lady Sovereign's album Public Warning.

 Until next time lovelies!

 xoxo Leah

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Muesday: Okay, I'll Pretend For Just A Little Longer

I really feel as if I am only pretending to be an adult. I can deal for a little while and do adult things and make adult decisions, and pay bills, and have grown up conversations about politics and economics and that whole Eurozone crisis and stuff. But at the end of the day I don't think I will ever be a real adult. I mean, I'm the size of your average 12 year old, and the simple fact of the matter is half the time I just can't deal with all the grown up things, when all I really want to do is have nap time back. I think my existential crisis is back....so that's fun.

Also, I just have to say that massages are perhaps one the creepiest things in the world. Both the regular kind and the "happy ending" kind. So so creepy! Almost as creepy as those unborn fetus goo-baby pictures that expectant parents feel the need to post all over facebook/twitter. But seriously, is anything more awkward or creepy, than laying prone on a table, covered in gross, slimy oils, and having some stranger touch you?! I know there are scores of people out there who will vehemently disagree with me, but just take a minute to think about it...I bet the conclusion you draw is "ya, Leah, you're right, it's actually pretty creepy". The Boy goes all the time (mostly because his work pays for it), and he has been trying to convince me to go forever, but I just can't bring myself to do it. In my mind, something that is supposed to be so wonderful and relaxing shouldn't cause anxiety, and/or hives.

So, I can't take credit for the song that I am sharing today. It comes courtesy of Refinery 29, and it's kind of awesome. It's by Paloma Faith and it's called Picking Up the Pieces and it's kind of amazing. It's like if Adele and Duffy had a love child and her name is Paloma Faith. The whole album is pretty awesome from what I've listened to and I highly recommend it. Also how awesome is the video to this song! It's has such an awesome vintage feeling to it! Enjoy lovelies!

Until next time!


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Muesday: Bitches Be Crazy

Hello my doves! Sorry it's a late one today! I literally just walked in the door! I was busy getting all pretty! After 7 months and a lot of hmmm-ing and haw-ing, I decided to ombre my hair, and get a trim. I know I know, you're all thinking, "why the hell is she telling me this, I don't really give two shits about that", and to be quite honest, it's really the only thing I have to talk about right now. Mostly because I don't think that what I really want to talk about would be wise. But I'll give you a phrase that basically sums it up:

Bitches be crazy.

Ya, that's right. Bitches be crazy. And that's really all I can say. I'm really sorry that this is such a lack luster post. I just a) need to calm down, and b) need to go to bed. I promise I'll be at least somewhat witty tomorrow...or the next day. Until then, enjoy this music as a gift!

Last week, one of my favourite Canadian bands, Jets Overhead, came out with a new album. And it's amazing! I can't get enough of it. So without further adieu and because I am super sleepy, here is Boredom and Joy, off of their new album titled the same. Also, can I just say that it's awesome that the album cover is hot pink.


Thursday, 12 July 2012

It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

Guess what every body?! Lopsided is one year old today! Happy birthday to my little blog!

It's funny to think about all the changes a year can bring. I started this blog as a way to get out of my head, and as a way to heal myself. I started it at a time when I felt as if nothing was going to go right and that I would be unlucky in life and love for the rest of my life. I was truly in the depths of despair, or at least that's how I felt. But time is awesome because it gives you perspective. Now, a year later, I am able to take a step back and see how all the things that happened during that period of time that I like to call a shit storm, happened for a reason. Not only am I not unlucky, but I can recognize that I am actually pretty darn lucky, and that I should appreciate it. I needed to have my existential crisis (I'm still going through it somewhat, just not as much), and I needed to have my heart ripped out of my chest, put in a blender with some tequila and then served to me in a glass rimmed with salt (I like to call it a heartbreak margarita). It helped me grow and be a different person...and more badass.

So, I would just like to take a moment and say happy birthday little blog! Thanks for being exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. You're the best! As long as people keep reading, I will keep writing, and I would probably keep writing even if people didn't read it anymore. What can I say, I like the sound of my own voice!


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Muesday: Curb Your Stupidity Please

It's so super hot here! Yesterday with humidity it was like 40 degrees celcius. All I can say is that I am super happy that my house is air conditioned. I also have to say that I feel really bad for all the people in America Land who are without power and in the sweltering heat. Apparently some woman tried to bake cookies in her car and succeeded? That's insane. However, considering that we live in almost perpetual winter, I am not going to complain about it! Also, one thing that I have an issue with in this heat is leaving pets and children in cars. Seriously, don't do it. They will die. People are stupid and actually do this. It's never okay to leave children and/or pets in such high temperatures. Come on people, let's try to curb the stupidity in these warm temperatures!

One thing that is actually a pretty big deal to me when deciding to date someone is their taste in music. If they have terrible taste in music, no dice. I mean, I think that I have pretty decent musical tastes, but I also know that some of what I listen to is not for everyone. But, if you think that we can have a conversation over LMFAO's "I'm Sexy and I know It" you've got another thing coming. And while I also have a secret shameful love of some country music, I just couldn't date someone who is a fan of all the dime a dozen twangers out there. Like a sense of humor, I need whoever I'm dating to like good music. And by good music, I am talking about artists who actually play their own instruments and who write and sing their own songs, with very little, if any auto tune. It's important for me to be able to talk about all the music I like, and to share that music with someone else. I likewise really enjoy finding out what other people listen to. It's like a window into their personality. So what prompts this little piece about music? Well, first of all it's Muesday, and second of all, because I am super fortunate to be dating someone who has superb taste in music. The Boy gets a giant gold star for this. It's actually one of the things that I initally found so attractive about him, that and his passion for music. Through him I have been introduced to some truly amazing artists, and ones that I have legit never heard of before because he the teensiest bit of a hipster and listens to really obscure British bands. He is currently obssessed with British artist, Richard Hawley. And I must say, he is amazing! The perfect blend of Frank Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr and just all the things that are good about music. So now I kind of have a mad love for Richard Hawley too, and I am going to share Coles Corner with you all today off of his 2005 album Coles Corner. I hope you all fall in love with Hawley just like I did.


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Muesday: Storm's A Brewin

I don't know if many, if any, of you remember this, but a couple years ago, in a rare stroke of wit and brilliance, MTV produced a lovely little show called Clone High. Basically, the premise of the show is a board of shadowy government figures decided that they wanted to conduct a military experiment and clone famous dead people. You get the likes of Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, JFK, Gandhi, and a whole slew of other historical figures. When this show first came out I was ecstatic. As someone who from a very young age lived and breathed history for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and who did, and still laments the fact that history gets a bad rap for being only about dates and dead people, I felt that FINALLY, history could get it's place in the sun! I felt that while wildly entertaining and more than just slightly inappropriate, Clone High made history a little more accessible to people, and would perhaps pique someones interest to go and learn more.  It was amazing, and really, how could it not be, with the genius that is Will Forte from Saturday Night Live voicing the character of Abe Lincoln. My one friend and I watched it religiously. We could quote episodes word for word and laughed at all the little jokes most people aren't smart enough to understand. It was wonderful. And then, just like that, it was gone. Gone were the guest appearances by a street wraith that looked suspiciously like Mandy Moore, Marilyn Manson, Jack Black, and most importantly, John Stamos. Gone were the witty jokes, and teen angst. Gone were the musical numbers about how "Gandhi has ADD". I was crushed. My beloved Clone High was taken off the air because India got all up in arms about the way Gandhi was portrayed. I get it. I get that he's like THE saint of saints. I get that he basically threw off the shackles of colonial rule through peaceful resistance, and how he introduced a form of national dress made from khadi fabric, and brought the dhoti back in style. I get it. But why you gotta be hating on something that was intended for a North American audience? I mean, the US didn't even get to see the last 5 episodes, which is such a shame because Prom Night in the Meat Locker is a fantastic end to the series (it's exactly how it sounds folks).

So what prompts this post about a show that was on 10 years ago? Well for one thing, I really miss it and I am in a Clone High laugh until I cry kind of mood, and second of all, because it's raining, and I mean really raining. The rain reminds me of this one episode where there is this huge storm and Joan of Arc's adoptive blind elderly black clarinet playing father Toots says "Storm's a-brewing Joany!" and then Joan and Toots have to go live with Cleopatra and her alcoholic adoptive mother, who Toots then starts dating and there is bondage involved (I couldn't make this up even if I tried). That's what I think of when there is a storm. That's how big an impact Clone High has had on my life.

All of you should now run out and buy the one and only season that exists. 

I'd shake your hand, but you know, peanut arms! Now on to Muesday!

The long weekend has come and gone, and Canada turned 145 years old. Over the long weekend, I basically did what I said I was going to do: relax and not wear real pants. It was glorious. It also means that I listened to a lot of chill music, and rediscovered my love of Fleet Foxes. I listened to their last album probably 50 times over a three day span, and it was just the perfect music for the sun and summer. I'm still running on my Fleet Foxes high, so I am going to share with you all Lorelai off of Helplessness Blues. 


Friday, 29 June 2012

Sir John A. MacDonald to Victoria: Let's Discuss This Whole Independence Thing Over a Couple Drinks, and by Couple, I Mean, I'm Just Going to Get Schmammered Again

So, it's Friday, and the start of the Canada Day long weekend! I get early dismissal, because you know, sometimes having a real, legit, adult job is like being in the second grade! For those of you who don't know, Canada Day is pretty much like Independence Day in the states, except minus the whole being traitorous little upstarts and starting a war over taxes thing. We asked nicely for independence and Queen Victoria, because she was really cool, gave it to us and everyone's favourite historical alcoholic Sir John A. MacDonald, also known as Canada's first Prime Minister (unless you're one of those people who think Louise Hippolyte Lafontaine was the first (I'm of this camp. I mean come on. He was all like "responsible government" this, and "political reforms after 1837" that. And he was besties with Robert Baldwin who was kind of badass) . Doing it right since 1 July, 1867.

Now, I'm not really that patriotic. Sure, I like being a Canadian, but I'm more likely to roll out British bunting and continue celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee than I am to parade around with a maple leaf drawn on my face. To be quite frank, I think overly patriotic people are terrifying, and also, there's that whole concept of and debate surrounding nationalism that is just too much for my little early modern brain to handle. Anyway, I digress. Basically, Canada Day means I get an extra day in the weekend where I don't have to be a grown up or wear pants. I will gladly take this in exchange for singing "Oh, Canada" (with the old lyrics of course! who said we had to seperate church and state? Psh, give me a break) for 30 seconds. What this also means is that it's really hard to be motivated when you know that in a mere hour and half you're free.

Now to the point: I have found an amazing video on YouTube that I am oh so kindly going to share with you all to kick start what is shaping up to be a pretty kick ass long weekend. It's called Beauty and the Beat, and I have no words to describe it. You just have to watch it to believe that it happened. Also, God Bless America for producing such fine thespians.

Oh and one more thing: Obamacare!

Happy Canada Day and Independence (also known as we decided to rebel against our rightful king and country and technically could have been hanged as traitorous rebels) Day. Just kidding (kind of). You know I love my Southern neighbours (for the most part)!

That is all.