I'm Leah.

Sometimes I'm amazing, sometimes I'm an asshole. Most times I am just me, trying to figure this whole life thing out. A self professed "Daddy's Girl", I lack most, if not all life skills, but I have mad skills when using the microwave and the toaster, and if I could I would spend the rest of my life in school. I alternate between being 100% sure of myself, and wallowing in the depths of an existential crisis. At 25 26  27 28 29 I often wonder what I have done with my life, and when I can't think of anything meaningful I go shopping...shoes and clothes sometimes fill the void.

At 23 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it turns out that I am genetically predisposed to most lady cancers. As a result, the government gave me new boobs (thank you Alberta tax payers!). I like to make fun of cancer, usually to the discomfort of others who are unsure if they think my jokes are funny or inappropriate. I don't hold anything back, and will openly talk about almost everything that has to do with cancer and how I dealt/am dealing with it. I could say that I want to raise awareness of cancer in young adults, and I do, but not in that inspirational, sugar coated way. I want to bring awareness about cancer by being real, or as real as I can be.

Sometimes I talk about serious things, sometimes I talk about silly things. Most of the time I talk about what is on my mind, usually to the amusement of others, as I tend to rant. Sometimes people get offended, but that doesn't bother me. I refuse to feel bad for my opinions.

Also, I have a little person complex, much like Napoleon's (he is my favorite miniature megalomaniac). Also also, I look like I could be Asian, but I'm not. Ideally, I would never have to do any work ever and get paid to blog about my opinions, kind of like Allie Brosh from Hyperbole and a Half. Barring that, I think I am going to become a lawyer because I realized that my alternative plan of getting my PhD in 16th century English history would mean that I will end up living in a cardboard box for the rest of my life, or my parents basement.

Mostly I am alternatively quirky and charming.