Let's Procrastinate!

I will find any excuse to procrastinate and do things other than what I am supposed to be doing. These are just a few of the things that I will spend time on instead of being a responsible, real adult.  Also, because they are awesome.

Hyperbole and a Half
It's like Chelsea Handler meets Stephen Colbert with hybrid velociraptor bears and sharks! There may also be cake, simple dogs, agoraphobia, ADD and Kenny Loggins...

Hark a Vagrant
History at it's finest and funniest

The Bloggess
Nathan Fillion obsession? I wonder if that is a real legit disorder?

Flourish in Progress
Don't mess with Texas, ya'll!

Unhappy Hipsters
The gentrification process at work...

Dead Philosophers in Heaven
Basically the title says it all. Plus, there are some epic mustaches!

The Oatmeal
I too feel the same way about semicolons, polar bears, and apple products

Often includes monocles, top hats, and states that "Engineering is like math but louder!"

Dinosaur Comics
One Word: Shakespeare

Jenna McCarthy
She says the things that everyone is thinking but no one actually wants to say out loud

Bangable Dudes in History
"Dead man porn for your still- beating heart". Proof that history really is sexy...

Medieval and Renaissance Memes
Takes history and sets it to music. There's one on Henry VIII set to ABBA's Money, Money, Money. Gold, pure gold!

"Where DIY meets WTF". It's like making fun of that weird kid on the playground.

Notes from real people!

Real reviews of actual things!

This is pretty self explanatory. If you don't understand I suggest you get out from under the rock that you call home, and enlighten yourself.

Stuff White People Like
As a white person I can fully appreciate everything that fellow white person Christian Lander has to say about white people. 9 out of 10 things are true. White people to have a propensity to like these things.


Texts From Last Night
As someone who doesn't usually drink, I get nothing but pure joy in reading Texts From Last Night. Mostly because it reminds me why I don't drink...so I can remember, and remind people of all the bad life choices they made the night before...plus, it's future blackmail material