Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Muesday: The Most Excting Day In Music!

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: being concise is hard. Why say something in 5 words when you can turn it into a well crafted thing of beauty? Also, how can you possibly prove a point or win an argument with a sparse amount of words?! You just can't. If there is one thing that my fancy history degree taught me, is that the bigger the word count the better. I don't even remember the last time I wrote something under 50 pages...Anyway, I digress. While I normally conform to the idea that a well argued point with lots of evidence and a giant list of footnotes is the way to go, I do recognize that sometimes, being concise is okay. Like today.

Today is the day that I have been waiting for all summer. 28 August 2012. Arbitrary I know. What's so special about some idle Tuesday, other than the fact that it's one day closer to the ever looked forward to September Long Weekend? Well my friends the answer to that is simple, and it's only 2 words: Infinity Overhead. Ya that's right. Doesn't make much sense right. It will soon, and by soon, I mean now, make sense.

The new album from one of my most favourite bands in the history of ever came out today! And it's called Infinity Overhead. My love of Minus the Bear came from one of my ex's. While he was a pretty crappy boyfriend, he had superb taste in music, and one good thing that came from our rather disastrous relationship was Minus the Bear. I can't claim to have been a die hard fan from the beginning because that would be a lie, but I can claim to have faithfully been a giant fan since I was introduced to them. I know that I have shared the wonderfulness that is Minus the Bear, but I HAVE to share again because I love them that much and because this is practically the best day since a really long time! So here is Steel and Blood from the brand spanking new album Infinity Overhead. Also, go out and buy the album right now!!!

Until next time my loves!


P.S. See, I told you being concise was hard

Thursday, 23 August 2012

So, This Happened...

Seriously, this is nauseating

I like to be on top of my current events, which is why I read at least 4 different news papers from around the world, every day. I think this stems from my desire to know all the things. Plus, I really like to be right...all the time and being informed really makes this possible. Now, I know that news sources have to print the fluff pieces along with their hard hitting stories, but since when was announcing the engagement of Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne considered news worthy? Like who really cares if music's ugliest man from what is probably the most annoying band in the history of ever (with the exception of Metronomy and their female drummer that looks like a ginger Adam Sandler in a dress), and Canada's resident miscreant wannabe punk rock princess with a Peter Pan complex, not unlike Michael Jackson's, are engaged? I most certainly don't. I don't even care for their music, and quite frankly think that Canada has a plethora of way more talented musicians that are severely under recognized. But imagine my frustration when I open up my news sites, and all I see is that Chad and Avril are getting hitched. This is unimportant people! No one cares! There are more important things to report, like how Gambia is going to execute all of it's death row inmates by mid-September, which is very concerning for human rights advocates, or the fact that there is currently a "legitimate" moron running for congress in the United States, and that his "misspoken" comments have made people outraged as far away as Africa. Let's also not forget the fact that there is that whole Eurozone crisis that seems to be fucking things up pretty bad all over the world. But no, those things aren't important. What's important is the size of the ring that Kroeger proposed with, and how it's such a complete shock, given that no one knew that they were actually dating. News flash, people didn't know because they don't actually care. It's just so confusing to me as to why people actually want to know this. I mean, let's face it, they will get married, and becuase they're both type A personalities who need constant validation of their wonderfulness, which neither of them can give each other, they will eventually divorce. The whole world will be SHOCKED! Just so shocked, and then all the papers will report are the dirty details of what will probably be a very public divorce.

It's a vicious cycle. Dammit.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Muesday: The Situation and Pauly D of Politics

This post comes on the heels of Todd Akin's terrifying rape comments. It makes me think that American politics are kind of like watching a really bad, super trashy reality television series. I mean, you've got Mitt "the Robot" Romney, with his weird hand gestures, and hair line that doesn't ever move and his $8 million dollar Italian leather shoes, and his creepy army of sons, to his running mate Paul Ryan, who seems to have borrowed every single dickey that Howard Wolowitz owns from The Big Bang Theory in all of the pictures I have seen of him. Like honestly, it's like they're the Situation and Pauly D of politics. Hilarious, while at the same time pathetic and sad. It's sad because one the one hand I can't believe that people like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and Todd Akin actually exist in the 21st century. I'm sorry Todd, but I think you need to go back to high school biology, because last time I checked, a woman's uterus doesn't just "shut that whole thing down". The simple fact that morons like this are running, or at least trying to run America is truly frightening. I'm also pretty sure that this is the complete opposite of progress. Next thing you know, the Republican party will take back women's rights to vote, becuase you know, all the men have come back from the war and can now make all the sound political decision (note the sarcasm). Now, I'm no fancy politition, but I would also like to offer some (logical) advice to Mitt Romney: trickle down economics didn't work for Reagan, and it certainly won't work for you. It's kind like every time someone has invaded Russia: it never works, lots of people die, and you starve to death because of that crazy scorched earth policy. You should start being nice to the middle classes Mitt, and spend less time insulting every single European nation you visit, and talking about how rich you are and how much your handmade Italian leather shoes cost. Statements like those aren't going to endear you to blue collar workers, or anyone who is finding the current economic atmosphere difficult to navigate. I'm not saying that Canadian politics and the leaders of political parties are without flaws, and most Canadians will agree with me. I'm just saying that American politics are that much more flawed and terrifying. Also, perhaps more voters would turn out to vote if the Presidential race was done like American Idol. More people vote for the next American Idol than they do President, which is just mind boggling to me. Think about it: how hilariously awesome would the Presidential Election be if it were based on looks and personality and some semblance of talent, rather than politics and moral values, and economics!? Oh wait...

I would also like to apologize for the lateness of this post, because I do recognize that it is in fact, Wednesday. I know I normally post on Tuesdays, but I had a technology fail yesterday. The internet was down all day where I live, which meant that I couldn't post this wonderful post for all you lovely readers. I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. I also didn't realize how completely dependent on the internet and technoloy I am until I had to go without it. Anyway, I have some music for you all. It's calle Sunlight by a lovely artist that goes by the name of Helena. It's just a single so far as I can tell, but I am quite excited for her full length album. So, enjoy this little nugget of goodness and have a fantastic Wednesday!

Until next time duckies!


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Muesday: Keeping Up The Charade

Hi friends! That fall is imminent and things are happening and I have decided that I am going to keep up this charade of being an adult for a little longer. This mostly stems from my love of pretty things and shoes. I know for a fact that The Boy will be happy about this. It might mean that I actually act like an adult instead of a child trapped in an adults body. It might also help the fact that it looks like he's dating a 12 year old (it's the height thing. He's very tall and I am very tiny). It's definitely not what I had in mind for myself for the fall, however, life works in funny ways, and I am sure that I had in mind will come around. I'm choosing to think of this extended period of adulthood as like a spy adventure. I'm like James Bond without the gratuitous violence and with better boobs...

Also exciting, remember that time I was like, "hey, I'm in a calendar", well, I have the date when it's going to be launched! Keep your eyes peeled after 18 September, and you can pick up your very own Pink Ribbon Pin Up Calendar with yours truly as Miss March (bubbles included).

Also also, one of the things that are happening is that Bust a Move is starting up again, and I can't even begin to tell you all how excited I am to be on the committee again. You can bet your bottom dollars that I will be talking about this A LOT as we get closer and closer to the second annual awesomeness that is Bust a Move!

So, I kind of went on a music bender the other day and bought a whole swack of new wonderful songs! One that stumbled upon is by a band called Rococode. They are made up of the odds and ends that was the rhythm section of Tegan & Sara and one of my all time favourite bands, Said The Whale. Upon my first couple of listens, I thought they were basically trying to be Mother Mother, but then I started to notice all the subtle things about their album, and decided that it is actually quite distinct and very well done. Empire is probably by far the best song on the whole album, so with that in mind, I share with you Empire off the record Guns, Sex and Glory. 

Have a wonderful week duckies!


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Muesday: Look At the Damn Camera!

I follow a lot of blogs, and the majority of them are fashion blogs. I love to see how creative people can get with their clothes and accessories, not to mention one of my good friends has a neat little blog about all the pretty things, along with this really great one (I can forgive her because she is amazing). But there is something that really bothers me about some of these blogs that I follow, and that's the fact that a lot of these girls never look at the damn camera. Oh, they look off into the distance with their red lipstick and hipter bangs and glasses, with their high waisted pants, and panama hats, and sometimes they get crazy and look down at their shoes, just to make sure that they're still there, but never at the camera. Oh. My. God. Would it kill you to actually look at the lense and smile?! I get that you want to be creative and artsy and look like someone with an expensive camera just stumbled across you, stylishly dressed and walking nonchalantly past this wall covered in graffiti. You think it's avant garde and chic but guess what, it's annoying! I don't need to see a million pictures of you grasping one lock of your hair, with your feet in a pigeon toed pose, wearing tights with your high waisted denim shorts (hey, the 80's called and wants it's mom jeans back). I'm not taking aim at anyone in particular here, but honestly, in a quest for individualism they actually all the look the same. If I could actually look at a picture and see your eyes, perhaps I wouldn't be so enraged when you look longingly off into the distance, or take another freaking picture of your generic Starbucks latte on Instagram, just so you can show off your cheap jewelry. Yes, I realize that there is a simple fix, that I could just not follow these blogs, but it's not that simple. I blame my inner optimist. Everytime I log in to see what's new with all the blogs I follow, I am cautiously optimistic, that today might actually be the day that I look at these fashion blogs, and that they will all be looking at the camera, making the outfits they are wearing actually nice because they are showing a bit of their personalities. I am almost always disappointed. Guess what ladies, you don't have access to sets, and world renowned photographers, and you aren't models, so stop being stupid. Look at the damn camera!

Now, enough crazy for a moment, and on to some music. I have a mad love for anything that incorporates the banjo, and bonus points for the mandolin and the fiddle. I just can't help myself. I think it goes hand in hand with my secret prairie girl shameful love of certain country songs. It's my inner hillbilly I guess. So because of this mad love, I am sharing with you all today Annabelle Lee by Sarah Jarosz. She is a prodigy on both the banjo and the mandolin and managed to take one of Edgar Allan Poe's great works and turn it into a great little song. I can't get enough of her album Follow Me Down, and I highly recommend it, especially if you love the banjo as much as I do.

Until next time lovelies!


Sunday, 5 August 2012

In Which My Mouth Once Again Got the Better of Me

Something happened to me a few nights ago that hasn't happened in a really really long time. I got kicked out of my soccer game. Red carded and told to leave the field. I was livid. Now I am normally the smallest person on the field, so I get pushed around a lot, but I usually hold my own. I can give it as good as I get it. I can also be pretty mouthy when I want to be, but the thing with soccer is that you can get kicked out for excessive language, so you have to be careful, which is why I learned to swear in other languages. However, sometimes I forget and my mouth gets the better of me, as is the case with my game on Thursday. But I still maintain that I was in the right. Here's what went down:

We were playing this team called the Cougars for the second time. The first time we played them they were a real treat. When teams aren't overly skilled they usually resort to excessive force and violence. Not to mention that they were mouthier than I am on a good day. Now there was this one girl who took the cake. Psychotic is a mild term to describe her. She's about 3 inches taller than me and about a million and twelve times more violent. She would trip and push and be overly aggressive when the ball was no where near her. She also really liked to utter threats of bodily harm and violence. My favourite line of hers from that first game was one she told my coach, something along the lines of "I'm going to slit your throat". Ya, a real gem. Not to mention she has this absolutely ridiculous and laughable tattoo that says "Fancy" up her arm. She is anything but fancy. So you can imagine my sheer delight (read displeasure) at the thought of having to play them again. The first 35 minutes of the first half went well. We were up 2-0 and it was looking like we'd be up by 3 before the half was over, and I was having a pretty solid game. So this crazy chick gets the ball and I'm defending and instead of using skill to get around me, she uses her fist. In my face. My response: "watch your fucking fists. This is soccer, we don't use our hands". She was less than impressed by this judging by her eloquent response. I left it alone, I just wanted to play the game. So I'm running back to get goal side of her, and we jostle each other. It happens. However, she lost her shit. She freaked and shouted "is that how you want to play bitch?!" and then proceeded to grab me around the waist, pick me up off the ground like some WWE wrestler with a steroid problem, and slam me to the ground. I was shocked, and angry. What made me angrier was after the ref blew the whistle, she threw up her hands and had the audacity to plead her innocence. I lost it right then and there with an emphatic "You've got to be fucking kidding me?!" Apparently swearing is worse than slamming someone into the ground and being a violent douche canoe because I got kicked out for my little outburst. I was so angry over this that I was shaking. And because of my red card, I had to leave the field. I snatched up my things, and marched away, yelling at The Boy "Get your things, we're leaving!". I'm sure that was a really great first game for him to watch.

Now normally when you get red carded, at least with club soccer, there's a disciplinary hearing and you miss the next game. But I think the ref realized what a psychopath she was and gave me a pass. He basically "forgot" about my red card by the end of the game. So, even though he was a hapless idiot who was too fat to even call offsides, he still gets a thumbs up from me. Plus, it's probably for the best that I got ejected because if one of us hadn't a lot worse would have happened...she'd probably be in jail for aggravated assault.

So the moral of the story boys and girls is a) be a good sport and save your meth rages for a time off the soccer field b) never get the gaint word "Fancy" tattooed on your arm because you look like an idiot and people will forever make fun of your stupidity c) always remember how to swear in other languages so when you do have an outburst you don't get kicked out of your game...this is also because it's easier than just trying not to swear.

Until next time lovelies.