Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Muesday: Failure? Most Definitely.

This is what happened the last time I tried to clean out my closet. The keep pile was far bigger than the donate pile. I have a problem. Don't judget me.

I've decided that I am going to attempt to do something. There is a high probability that I will in fact fail, but I am going to try it anyway. What is this thing that I'll most likely fail at, you ask? Well, I have decided that for the month of November, I am going to go on a self imposed shopping ban. Gasp, I know. Me, Leah, not shop? Has hell frozen over and is the zombie apocalypse upon us? No dear friends, it is not. I have just decided that I have lots of pretty things, some of which still have the tags left on them, and that I should probably wear them instead of always wanting more. I also know that this is completely unoriginal. I suppose the idea came from one of my favourite bloggers, Elizabeth Jayne Liu, the hilarious genius behind Flourish in Progress who went without shopping for a whole year. That's hardcore thug life right there. I know for an absolute fact that I would not be able to go a whole year without shopping, because let's be serious, I love pretty things far too much for that, and and I'm not that big of a masochist. So, I figure I'll go a month. A month of staying out of Anthropologie and J.Crew, and all my other favourite stores. A month of not buying new shades of nail polish and using the full bottles I already have, and a month of living frugally. That being said, there are some things on my list that I am going to allow myself to buy, just necessities and the like (unfortunately, leopard print booties are not a necessity), but that's it. It's time to give my credit card and bank account a little (much needed) vacation. So, wish me luck. I'm sure I'll be on here updating those of you who care as to whether I'm failing. Maybe if I give myself a prize as the end? But I feel like that kind of defeats the purpose of this little endeavour. We'll see.

So, this is probably the best thing to happen in music ever! At least for me! One of my all time favourite groups is back together! Rays of light shone down from heaven and a host of baby angels sang out hallelujah's at this news! I was seriously so bummed when The Hush Sound went on hiatus (which is really just a fancy word for "we can't stand the sight of each other anymore") and everyone went off to pursue solo stuff, which was always kind of shitty and just lacked the magic that The Hush Sound had as a group. So, you can all imagine my excitement when I read this article. I actually think I jumped out of my chair. Their last album was just kind of okay, but So Sudden and Like Vines have got to be two of my favourite albums of all time ever! This makes it very hard for me to pick just one song to share with you but I think I am going to share We Intertwined off of Like Vines, with you all today. I promise you'll love it, and then you can all be excited for the impending comeback of The Hush Sound!

Also, have a happy and safe Halloween everyone! I hope you all commit the sin of gluttony today!


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Muesday: I'm Not Actually Asian, and I am Completely Unqualified for This

Can I go back on vacation? Holy potatoes Batman. Work is going to be insane from now until December. But I will also learn a lot, and it's really interesting. Oral Question Period during session is amazing! All the MLA's go after each other. It's like a political soap opera and I love it. Also kind of unnerving is the fact that's it's now day 2 of session at almost 9 a.m. and I am sitting in 315 (the office of Senior Parliamentary Counsel and Director of House Services) in the Legislature Building all by myself. Talk about feeling slightly panicked! What if someone needs something? What if someone wants to table shit? I can't do this! I don't do Bills and Journals...oh wait, for now I do. Good God!

Also interesting this morning: a man from Hong Kong walked into my office and we chatted for a bit and they he says "hey, where abouts in Asia are you from?". Um, excuse me? I'm not actually Asian. This cute little man legitimately thought that I was from somewhere in Asia, possibly Japan. That was...interesting...

Speaking of vacation, here's a little hint where The Boy and I went:

It was amazing! I loved it. I would highly recommend that everyone go! And dare I say, I think I may have liked it better than New York? Gasp, I know. It has all the big city charms of NYC, but it's cleaner and less manic, and the trains are nicer and don't have the same strong urine smell, and the people are just nicer. Not to mention the shopping. While in the long run I don't think it has better or more shopping per se, I do think that it gives NYC a run for its money. Michigan Avenue was awesome, as was State Street. Also awesome about Chicago: the pizza. I love pizza with all of my heart, well, actually I just really love melted cheese. Being lactose intolerant makes this torrid love affair very awkward and uncomfortable for both myself and those around me, but thanks to the invention of a lovely little lactose pill, I was able to enjoy proper Chicago deep dish pizza. It was glorious. The Boy is a foodie and wanted to eat at all these fancy/hipstery restaurants, which we did, but at the end of the day, I could have eaten pizza for 4 days straight and been perfectly okay with that. However, The Boy would have been less than impressed with that scenario, and he was very patient with my insatiable need to shop, so I indulged him. If you're ever in Chicago you have to eat at this great little place called The Purple Pig. Not a super great restaurant if you're a vegetarian like myself, but delicious and definitely worth breaking your dietary rules for. It was super tastey. Also good was Table 52. It was in this little converted carriage house of a giant run down mansion. Weird, but lovely. Plus, they had THE BEST biscuts I've ever tasted. I actually think I said screw the meal, I just wanna eat biscuts all night. The trip was sadly much too short, and like I said earlier, I wish I could go back on vacation. Oh well, this just means that I get to start planning my next getaway.

While I was in Chicago, I also had the opportunity to see both The XX and The Smashing Pumpkins (well really just Billy Corgan because he's the only original member) in concert. The Boy looks for any excuse to go see shows and Chicago was a great excuse. Both shows were amazing for different reasons. Smashing Pumpkins was great because they played their entire new album, a Bowie cover (I'll give 3 gold stars to whoever guesses which one they played) and about 11 old Pumpkins songs. It was also great because Billy got really really fat. I'm serious. His shirt didn't even cover his belly. I mean, I know it's been like a really long time, but come on Billy! There's no need to let yourself go! Get yourself to the gym! The XX were pretty good too, but holy hipster central. I've never seen so many hipsters all crammed into one room before. It was actually quite comical, but they probably thought that it was ironic. Fucking hipsters. Anyway, I am not going to share a Smashing Pumpkins song with you, nor am I going to share a song by The XX. No friends, today I am going to share a lovely little song called Home by Gabrielle Aplin, because as awesome as vacation is, being home is also pretty great. I really hope you all enjoy this one! It's one of my current favs!

Have a lovely Wednesday duckies! Until next time!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Muesday: In Which I Get Kicked Out Yet Again

Well, I can add one more place to the list of establishments/locations that I have been kicked out of: The Cross Cancer Institute. I think this is the one case where I am completely, 100% okay with being kicked out. I don't know if you guys know this, but cancer hospitals are basically the most depressing place on the face of the planet. Everyone is always so quiet and scared, and it's very draining on you, especially if you're an outgoing asshole like myself, who makes inappropriate cancer jokes, and rants about all the different labels that get applied to people because of cancer (but that dear friends, is a rant for a different time and a different place). Needless to say I am pretty pumped about only having to go back for MRI's everyone once in a while. However, while I am elated, the little hypochondriac in me is freaking out just a little bit. It's kind of like that feeling when you are a little kid and you're standing at the edge of the high dive looking down at the water below you. You're terrified and have been psyching yourself up to actually jumping, but when that moment arrives and you're standing on the precipice of the unknown, you honestly don't know what to do. It's a really weird feeling, and I am probably not doing a very good of explaining it. I hope this makes sense...maybe?

Keeping on with the goodness of this week, The Boy and I are heading off on a little vacation. Unfortunately it isn't some place warm with beaches and sand, but it does include two concerts and a whole whack of shopping. The Boy just laughs when I mention shopping because I don't think he really knows what he's gotten himself into. Is he ever in for a rude awakening. He says he's made us an itinerary, which is great because I can barely handle my life on a day to day basis, so it's nice to know that he has some kind of contingency plan in place, but I doubt he will have prepared enough for the hours, nay, DAYS that will be spent in and out of lovely stores that are only available in the states. It's also a good thing that he continues to be the grown up in our relationship.

Now this week I am giong to share with you all a lovely little band that I randomly discovered last week. They are called The Paper Kites and hail from Australia. I don't know why I don't listen to more Australian artists because I am never disappointed when eventually stumble acroos their music. The Paper Kites are definitely up there for me with Tin Sparrow and Boy and Bear. Just so much awesomeness! So, today I am going to share a lovely little ditty called Bloom of of their latest EP Woodland. It's just a sweet song so I hope you all enjoy it!

Until next time lovelies!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Muesday: I am Terrified for the Future of Humanity

Hi friends,

So I am endeavouring to be less of a failure this week. I am going to be a good almost adult and find a better balance in my life.

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, and I tried my hand at cooking. And by tried my hand at cooking, I mean I peeled potatoes while watching my mum create magic at making delicious food. Honestly, I don't think I will ever be able to cook like that. She's amazeballs. Basically, I made my inner fat kid really happy and spent a wonderful long weekend with my family. Now, in this family time, we went to go see the movie End of Watch. It was actually pretty good. There was a lot of gratuitous violence, and Jake Gyllenhall, what's not to like?! Now, I wouldn't classify this movie as child appropriate. I wouldn't even classify it as being appropriate for audiences under 18. There are some pretty mature themes, like drugs and human trafficking and murder and lots of swearing. I don't know who in their right mind would think that a movie in which every second word of the dialogue is fuck or shit would think that this is appropriate for children. But I kid you not, sitting in the theatre I noticed that there were several children sitting with their parents. One little girl couldn't have been older than 6. At first I thought perhaps they accidentally went to the wrong theatre, that they had taken a wrong turn on their way to Hotel Transylvania or Frankenweinie. But no, no they didn't. Now I think that it's just so wrong to expose young children to these things. They aren't mature enough to understand what's going on and if they see their parents enjoying a movie with a scene in which the police find several people tortured and dismembered in a house, they might think that it's okay for people to do this. It's not. It's categorically wrong, and it makes me wrong that some parents are complete fuck ups and think that this is okay. I look at these people and I can't help but be terrified for the future of humanity.

I don't know what it is about the fall that makes me obsess with lovely songs. Tristan Prettyman's Say Anything is only one of those songs. It's kind of sappy, but absolutely gorgeous. It's off her newest album, and it just makes me so happy and gives me the warm and fuzzies. I don't know why I think of cold days snuggled up under the blankets watching my favourite movie and drinking cup after cup of delicious David's Tea (I'm for serious, the organic stormy night is like heaven in a cup). It's kind of like the perfect fall song in opinion. And because I'm not going to be a failure this week, I am going to share it with you right now.

Until next time lovelies!


Friday, 5 October 2012

Better Late Than Never?

Hello friends,

I'm so terribly sorry that this post is coming so late and not on its regularly scheduled Tuesday. I've been super busy and kind of sick, and by kind of sick, I think I've got the black lung. So by the end of my exhausting days all I want to do is go home, take off all my stuffy work clothes, sit in sweat pants and watch trashy TV. And in the midst of all that I totally forgot to post shit that only I think is interesting/funny. I'm a terrible person I know. My life is already promising to be get busier from here. On the plus side, I get not one but two offices, in a super old building that is probably haunted. I think that's the only plus side though. I haven't quite decided yet.

You know that feeling of excitement you get when you have a trip planned and the closer and closer to your departure date that you get, the more excited you are? Like so excited that it's hard to sleep, and all you want to do is leave right now because you legitimately haven't taken time off all summer and you just want to get your shop on excites? Ya that's the boat I am currently in. I'm leaving on a little vacation in 2 weeks time and I just want it to be right now. I need a break! I need time to breath, even if that means that I have to pack (which I HATE doing with every fibre of my being). The Boy and I are taking a little trip that promises to be filled with good music, great food and even better shopping. In exchange for going to see the Smashing Pumpkins (of which I am not a huge fan), The Boy has promised me that I can go to all the shopping places on my list. Little does he know that vacations usually turn into ginormous shopping trips where I spend a lot of money on things that I don't particularly need, but can't resist because I have a minor shopping/clothes hoarding problem. Don't judge. Some people are addicted to drugs, and weird things like sleeping with their hair dryer, or pretending to be a toddler even though they are a grown man, and I'm addicted to pretty things. It happens. Also, my new big kid job doesn't help this. Anyway, I want to go right now. Patience is not a virtue that I possess and it's really difficult for me to wait. Oh well, only two more weeks!

Also, can I just say that the month of October needs a good punch in the throat. I'm being 100% serious. I hate the month of October with a passion, and I wouldn't be overly bothered if it just decided to fuck right off and die. More on this later.

So, I've been kind of obsessed with Imagine Dragons album Night Visions as of late. I randomly heard the song It's Time on a rare occasion in which I actually was listening to the radio, and I thought to myself "hey, this is actually pretty good". So I went home and downloaded the album, and I am so happy I did. The whole thing is amazing, and has been on repeat ever since. Finally a band out of Las Vegas that actually sounds good (let's face it, The Killers have sucked hard on every album they've produced after Hot Fuss). So I figure today, because I've failed big time at updating my lovely little blog as of that I would buy everyone's love and affection by sharing It's Time with you all. Let's face it, I will probably continue to fail you all, but hey, at least I'm consistent! You'll really like it I promise!

Until next time my doves!

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers and friends!