Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Muesday: Clearly I'm having Issues Being an Adult

I know, I know. I fail at blogging. Life has been retardedly busy between work and life and funerals and everything else. Clearly I am having difficulties being an adult and functioning like someone who contributes to society. But, I promise times a million that once the House rises in a week, I will be back to your regularly scheduled blogging. I also promise that they will witty and possibly funny and maybe a little insightful? Perhaps? Anyway, because I feel bad I am going to try and bribe you and buy your love and affection with amazing YouTube videos and possibly some awesome music.

First, I bring you Reginald. This basically makes me so happy and is the best thing for when you are feeling crappy.

Next, I bring you another in a long like of "Shit _______ says". Here is a "Sh*t Lana del Rey says. Amazing. Just so funny, and slightly musically related.

Now for music! I have a bit of a confession to make. I can't stand Tegan and Sara. Like I want to punch a kitten when I hear them sing can't stand. They are so annoying and all their songs sound the same. But, and this is a great bit BUT. I kind of love the song Closer. I can't tell you how or why this happened, but all I know is that I can't control myself when I hear it and I have myself a little dance party. And I hate that I love the song, because that might mean that I am on the way to actually like Tegan and Sara. It's a tangled viscous cycle. So I figured that in my shame I will share my current guilty pleasure.

Again, please forgive me for being so neglectful. I promise with a cherry on top and a unicorn covered in chocolate and diamonds.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go get ready to see Paul McCartney


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Muesday: Stop Pretending You Filthy Liar

I have a rather pressing question for everyone: why does TLC still pretend that it's The Learning Channel? I remember when I was a lot smaller than I am now, and it actually offered programs that were at least slightly educational. But it's like they have given up the ghost and decided that the world wasn't complete without Toddlers and Tiara's or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Don't get me wrong, I have an unnatural affinity for trashy television but TLC takes it to new extremes. I just don't understand. Does the world really need to see Mario Lopez get married to some chick named Courtney? Or do we really need to be subjected to looking at all the hideous wedding dresses that overly emotional morons cry over? No thanks. It's kind of like how The History Channel is a huge joke. FYI, American Pickers is not even remotely historical you morons. Here's some friendly advice for you TLC: stop pretending you filthy liar!

Remember when there was that video that came out for Gotye's Somebody I Used to Know that wasn't Gotye but those 5 people with that one guitar? Well, they are called Walk off the Earth, and guess what?! They have an EP. And it's awesome! Seriously, I thought they were talented wen they fit 5 people around one acoustic guitar and managed to coordinated singing and playing it all at the same time. But their EP is just so cute and amazing. It's music that makes you want to dance. My advice for everyone today is to take a break and have a 30 second dance party to Red Hands by Walk off the Earth.

Until next time lovelies!


Sunday, 11 November 2012

I Failed. Shit.

Remember that thing I called No Shopping November. Ya well, I failed. Shit. I lasted 11 days.  Damn you J. Crew factory store and your stupidly, ridiculously awesome grand opening sale with your 40% off everything in the store plus an addition 25% off if you spent $125 or more. Why did this have to happen during No Shopping November?! An even better question is, why do I have NO WILLPOWER WHATSOEVER?! Why am I such a failure? At this rate I will never be a fully functioning, legitimate adult, who contributes more to society than just my pay-cheque.

Ugh! Maybe I'll try No Shopping January. At least in January everything is picked over and I'm in a comfortable shopping coma from the combination of my birthday, Christmas and Boxing Day.

Also, apparently there is going to be a coffee shortage? The apocalypse is basically upon us. I don't think I could live without coffee. It just wouldn't happen. I will feel really bad for everyone who has to be around me if this actually happens. Especially The Boy. He hasn't seen a truly cranky Leah until he's seen me insufficiently caffeinated. For everyone's sake, I hope this doesn't actually happen.

Anyway, I fully accept everyone's mocking and disappointment. My head will hang in shame for approximately 10 minutes.

Later days duckies!


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Muesday: I Need An Excuse to Move Somewhere Warm

Can I just take a minute to question why I live in this frozen hell hole? When I woke up this morning there was no snow on the ground (apart from what was already there). When I left the house, there was still no snow. Then halfway through my commute, a blinding snow storm started. Alberta weather, you are a giant bitch. Screw you and your need to snow for an inordinate amount of time and bury cars under a blanket of cold, wet bullshit. Damn you for making the roads shitty and causing all the shitty drivers in their giant trucks to come out and speed past on icy roads. Damn you for fooling me into thinking my choice in shoes would be fine! And damn me for thinking that I could get away with wearing what is apparently inappropriate footwear in November. I am desperately trying to convince The Boy to use his fancy finance degree and two extra designations to move to California, so I can escape this cold, white wasteland. I think this is a good plan. He just looks at me like I'm the most ridiculous person he's ever met, which is probably true. I think I'm just looking for an excuse to move somewhere warm, or at least visit for a substantial part of the year. Someone needs to make this happen.

On the plus side, I did get to hear several MLA's discuss the merits of Gangnam Style before oral question period today. The best part was hearing an older MLA describe to a new MLA exactly what it was. Made this snowy day WAY better!

Also, can I just say good job America for picking the right president. Yay for progress!

So November 26 is coming up and I'm super excited! That's the day that Serena Ryder's new album comes out! This is extremely exciting because she hasn't had anything really new out since 2009. I have been listening to the two singles off her album on repeat. I just can't get enough. They are pretty different from her previous stuff, which is really exciting! It's also really exciting because she's getting a lot of radio play outside of CBC radio. Finally! People are starting to realize how awesome she is! So, because of all the snow today, I'm feel extra generous and I am going to share both of her singles with you! I hope you enjoy What I Wouldn't Do, and Stompa, both of which are on her upcoming album Harmony.

Until next time snow bunnies!



Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ironically, a VERY Bad Influence

So remember that time I was all like "I'm going to try to not shop for the ENTIRE month of November. I can totally do this and it'll be soooo good for me!"? Ya, well it's a lot harder than I imagined. Only made more difficult by mother. Now, normally she's the one who tries to keep me on track with my spending habit, which I am very thankful for. Someone has to be the voice of reason when I am blinded by all the shiny, sparkly, lovely things, even when I don't like it and get annoyed. It's all about trying to help me become a fully functioning responsible adult.

I think I am doing really well at my little challenge too. I went shopping with my mother this past weekend, and she'd point out cute things and I'd say "No mum, I can't. Remember, it's No Shopping November". It made me feel like I can actually do this! And then today happened. I was out with my mum again, on a quest to find her a new winter coat, when we walked by some lovely shoes. And the next thing you know, I had both pairs in a bag. She was the bad influence today. She was all like "they're so cute and classic and will never go out of style. You need to own those shoes". I maintained that it was No Shopping November, and then she goes and actually purchased them for me. This is so ironic because as I previously stated, she's normally the one who raises her eyebrows and looks all disapproving when new shoes and clothes decide to come home with me. But I somehow feel like I am cheating. Not that I'm complaining, because let's be serious, they're gorgeous shoes. One is a lovely black patent leather pair of Oxfords by Bloch and the other are some lovely calf hair animal print Oxfords by Dolce Vita. So incredibly pretty! But still. I somehow feel like this isn't going to help teach me anything.

I'm very conflicted here. Thoughts? Is it failure if someone else buys them for you? I don't think so....

Until Tuesday lovelies!